Company Name:: Axis Human Capital Group Limited

I am certain you are all very aware of the online job database that has gotten about millions of people jobs all over the world – frequently Asia. As for my own experience with Axis Human Capital Limited, a group of companies that is particular in socially-conscious human development firm based in Ghana which is a free internet-based tool, can help you find employment opportunities across the country and internationally such in SE Asian countries like KL Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Beijing China, Bangkok Thailand and many more, I have no complaints against them.

To most and even for me Axis is like correspondingly big thing online for jobseekers.

I have been a member of this site for approximating a few years now, and also my boyfriend who have been with the site for a couple of months himself now that he wishes to have a shift in his career.

It was a bit of a help though being a member and taking time filling out such long and several sets of forms and end up with just those jobs we are not interested of.

I said nothing since as per both our experiences; no one from the companies I like that we have posted has actually called us from them.

We have never gotten any bad results with this website – not at all! Means they are not a scam.

Funny thing is the companies we have applied for stays outstanding in our job application list and there is no updates information we can get from the site, nothing like other sites where you can see that your resume has been viewed previously or if they have dropped your application.

At least, you will know where your application stands, right? To add to that, this site is very easy to use at all, it gives a pop up screen of your log in account and you can go through all the other pages in another sheet – like search for a couple of other jobs that is interesting to you.

They are sure got a lot of things they should be improving on still.

They need to improve and demand their member employers to give updates, they should have a user friendly search functions, and an updated search results.

I have searched a couple of expired job postings and it is just so tiring to go over the site and get nothing at all.

It wasn’t a fruitful experience, to be honest when you go and try to apply for jobs at this website.

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Mortgage rates fall below 4%

by Willard Moswen on October 29, 2014

Company Name:: Axis Admiralty

There’s a silver lining for home buyers in the clouds hanging over the stock market.

Interest rates on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage fell to 3.97% this week, according to Freddie Mac. That’s down from 4.12% last week and the lowest level since June 20, 2013.

The drop in mortgage rates comes as investors have flocked to the safety of U.S. Treasury bonds. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note has tumbled as low as 1.86% this week.

Mortgage rates usually move lock step with the yield on the 10-year note.

Investors have rushed to bonds because they have been spooked by a combination of economic weakness in Europe, concerns about Ebola and geopolitical turmoil around the world. Many in the industry have been experiencing complaints.

“Rates are at their lowest levels since June 2013 amidst continued investor skepticism regarding the precarious economic situation in Europe,” said Frank Nothaft, chief economist at Freddie Mac.

According to reviews, mortgage rates have gone lower despite expectations that they would start rising as the Federal Reserve starts pulling back its economic stimulus.

The Fed has cut back its program of buying bonds and mortgage-backed securities, which everyone expected would put upward pressure on interest rates.

The latest international turmoil and the stock market rout have instead pushed rates the other way.

Axis Capital Group, Inc., located at 4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 500 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, focuses on real estate which services not only CA but worldwide including SE Asian countries such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia and many more, has also been feeling the drop in Mortgage rates.

This post was submitted by Willard Moswen.


Axis Human Capital Limited Consumer Review

October 22, 2014 All Complaints

Company Name:: Axis Human Capital Limited Are you exhausted of your present job? Are you between careers and need to find employment fast? Axis Human Capital Limited, is a group of companies that is particular in socially-conscious human development firm based in Ghana which is a free internet-based tool, can help you find employment opportunities […]

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Lost my business, thanks to AXIS Capital Group, Singapore!

October 7, 2014 All Complaints

Company Name:: Axis Capital Group Singapore I am writing this to make you all knowledgeable of so many complaints I have against this company. In June 2013, I purchased a new Caterpillar 312cl excavator from Axis Capital Group, Singapore for 82000 plus VAT and interest on the finance. The computer went in the machine. The […]

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Axis capital Group, Singapore Review

October 2, 2014 All Complaints

Company Name:: Axis Capital Group Singapore In 2013, I purchased a 2012 new freightliner classic with a c-15 acert engine from Axis Capital Group, Singapore. The truck was transported all the way to Jakarta Indonesia, it ran ok for two years with the exception of both turbos blowing about once a year which I know […]

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Axis Capital Group, INC. CA Review

September 22, 2014 All Complaints

I am writing to make a formal complaint against the Axis Capital Group, Inc. located at 4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 500 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. On my first contact with this company the as soon as we moved to CA from Jakarta Indonesia, they were impressive. They were the only one from many calls […]

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Axis Capital, Bermuda: Health Insurance False Promises to Indonesians created many complaints

September 11, 2014 All Complaints

Company Name:: Axis Health Insurance Up till now for all the numerous healthcare schemes that have begun at district and provincial levels, the general image is one of failing health pointers and facilities through the country. A 2008 World Health Organization report found that decentralization has ran to the erosion of a once incorporated health […]

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Had to ask for an unconditional release.

August 7, 2014 All Complaints

Company Name:: Goyburu Realty I gave this Reator/Broker. (Mr. Carlos. Goyburu) a listing to do a Short Sale for me, he proceeded to rent with the option to buy to one of his friend’s brother (whom is also the potential buyer of the property), less than half of what you would get for a five […]

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July 1, 2014 All Complaints

I am an Arizona resident in need of your help. Last July 24, 2013, I made payment to ARIZONA VACATION RENTAL HOMES operated by Ted and Trish Meredith at 10335 Roan Rd Flagstaff AZ 86004 in the amount of $1,662.50 for reservations at the Pine Mountain Cabin 2902 N Chaco Trail Flagstaff Az 86001 for […]

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failure to adequately handle all facets of property sale

June 18, 2014 All Complaints

Company Name:: maria raymer Failed at the basics- passed on incomplete or unrevised contracts. Failed to list the property after an offer was made( took it off web site on a weekend) I had to hire a real estate lawyer to reveiw all her paperwork to correct simple errors. Her and her subordinate gave inadequate […]

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