rude and unprofessional conduct on several occassions

by sally song on February 18, 2016

Company Name:: okanagan choice realty

i was serious to buy a house in 2013, i found a house i am very interested in, i called the realtor Sam Morgan. because on his web site. he said very good. after met him person. totally different. he told me he only agent over million dollar house. not interested in showing me house less than that i want to buy. very bad attitude, very rude to refuse to help me. when he showed me one house . he spent half the time talking on the phone.

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Company Name:: The Peterson Group Building & Development

Holes in the wall, cracks and peelings on the wall and broken tiles are just some of the problems that an anonymous homeowner is facing in his newly purchased home for $500,000 through the Petersen Group Building and Development.

A couple with three children was also infuriated to see the glass walls of the upper bathroom easily shattering after being hit accidentally by a towel after the husband showered. The family was just back from a vacation from Jakarta, Indonesia and left the house to be redesigned under The Petersen Group custom home builders only to find out that the walls and the fixtures can easily be damaged after few usage.

A landlord also rushed over after he hears complaints from his townhouses’ tenants that the window panes were easily broken and the ceilings were easily cracking. The building was just renovated and converted to a housing rental by none other than The Petersen Group Building and Development.

These kinds of frustrations were directed towards the company which claims more than two decades of high quality service, thoughtful designs and lasting value. The social networking accounts under TPG’s name were flooded with complaints of similar stories of substandard quality of services and materials used to develop or build a home.

Led by a certain Leroy Turner, lawyer and also claims to be a victim of TPG ‘fraudulence’, the group of about 20 complainants formed a Facebook community group to voice out their displeasure and frustrations. To make matters worse, the group is also now exploring and reviewing legal options after a protest was done in the head office of The Petersen Group’s head office in Anchorage, Alaska.

Angry home buyers are no longer hiding or afraid to take on the might of developers for delaying the delivery of apartments and villas and changing building plans. They are banding together to fight for their homes using all the means at their disposal, including staging unique protests at project sites and going to court.

They use social media actively to form groups, discuss problems and publicize their efforts. Their litany of complaints includes delayed possession, extra charges and changes in apartment sizes or building plans without their consent. “This is my first house and I continue to stay on rent even as this project is terribly delayed,” says Turner through phone patch.

We are still waiting for a reply from The Petersen Group.

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