by loyateacced on September 26, 2017

Company Name:: loyateacced hi everyone

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Unlicensed Lender

by TC on March 7, 2017

Company Name:: Bank of America

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rude and unprofessional conduct on several occassions

February 18, 2016 All Complaints

Company Name:: okanagan choice realty i was serious to buy a house in 2013, i found a house i am very interested in, i called the realtor Sam Morgan. because on his web site. he said very good. after met him person. totally different. he told me he only agent over million dollar house. not […]

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Angry Homes Owners Use Social Media to Voice Complaints against TPG Developer

January 6, 2016 All Complaints

Company Name:: The Peterson Group Building & Development Holes in the wall, cracks and peelings on the wall and broken tiles are just some of the problems that an anonymous homeowner is facing in his newly purchased home for $500,000 through the Petersen Group Building and Development. A couple with three children was also infuriated […]

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Cannot resell my home

December 3, 2015 All Complaints

Company Name:: Centry 21 Centry 21 sold a home to myself 2013 without an updated inspection for added csa number was with the mobile home when I purchased and now I cannot resell without an inspection and what ever upgrades might need to be completed to pass inspection at a cost of approx. $3000 […]

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Veronica Hicks Condos Etc. Queen of Unethical Realtor

August 27, 2015 All Complaints

Veronica Hicks , Condos Etc. is running her business unethically and recklessly without fulfilling her obligations to buyers and sellers. Cash only deals, flips, non disclosures, holding of offers, and inside side deals for her to double dip on capitalize while evading tax liability reporting. She is a liar and needs to be disciplined. She […]

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Racial Discrimination along with faults HOA fees and lien on my property

August 14, 2015 All Complaints

Company Name:: Dana Point I went to court with my HOA & board members regarding use of my property as vacation rental. The court mediated the penalties on 4/24/14. They use automation CC&R violations for over a year. They did the same tactic, a use of automated CC&R violations around 2002 to 2004 that also […]

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agent ripped me off for $2500

May 3, 2015 All Complaints

Company Name:: northwest realty source I recently sold my house. The real estate agent told me to reduce the price by $15000because the siding on three sides of the were a product of Louisana-Pacific. He told me he will “sweeten the deal” by $2500 after the sale of the house. He even showed me a […]

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Inferior Asphalt Paving

March 31, 2015 All Complaints

Company Name:: Peninsula Asphalt I am writing a complaint about an asphalt contractor from Nikiski, AK 99635. The company name is Peninsula Asphalt and run by a crude ol’ guy by the name of Jim. I paid him for some asphalt work – cost me a small fortune – and in a short 6 months […]

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Incompetent Agency

February 22, 2015 All Complaints

Company Name:: Rainforest Realty I was working wit this agency based in San Ignacio Belize. I signed a Buyers Contract as proposed by Macarena Rose the founder back in Feb.2014. I planned a trip there in July after Ms Rose claimed to have at least 6 properties for me to consider. So when I get […]

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