Agent leased me a home under construction!!!

by JC on January 25, 2010

Company Name:: Keller Williams Victorville, CA

Real Estate Agent Patricia James-Nix … aka Patti Nix, advertised a home for lease that I signed a lease agreement on and was given a specific move-in date. A few weeks later, I moved everything I owned 2300 miles across the country, only to find that I was scammed!

The agent leased me a home that was under construction and not a liveable home! There were workers on the property performing various construction duties. There was no flooring of any kind. There were no appliances. There were no doors to any room. Painting and finish work had not been done. There were no light fixtures, nor electricity. There seemed to be no furnace or hot water heater.

I was left with nowhere to go, and was forced to return to my home state at tremendous expense! The Real Estate office has REFUSED to even communicate with me and reimburse me for all of my expenses. Don’t do business with these people!

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js February 18, 2010 at 10:37 am

Well this is a perfect example of people using the anonymity of the Internet to slander and malign. Well Jessica, you know this is totally untrue. You rented this home and Patti told you it was not completed and not to move. You made the decision to move anyway. Patti expressed the fact that she was not comfortable with the builders progress and did not see the property being finished in time. She had your check but it was not cashed and she returned it to you after she provided a diligent search to find you a replacement home. This was difficult as you stated you had 2 dogs but arrived with more than half a dozen. I don’t know anyone first who would rent to that many dogs. Plus the fact that all municipalities have restrictions as to how many dogs are allowed on a lot. You need to take responsibility for the fact that you moved against Patti’s suggestion that you stay put and you misrepresented your self regarding the dogs. You also need to print a retraction and apologize. I know Patti, i know the situation and I know Keller Williams. The only person who may have had culpability is the owner/builder and the best agent cannot provide guarantees from their owner regarding the completion of the construction. So if you have a beef then address him. Patti is extremely conscientious and has an impeccable reputation in spite of your attempt to besmirch her!!

JC March 11, 2010 at 2:08 pm

I was never told to delay my move. The lease agreement was sent to me, and I would not have signed it and sent a check if I had been told that it was not available. Obviously, I would have secured another property before my move.

Why was the property advertised as available to lease on, Yahoo Real Estate and AOL Real Estate starting February 1st, 2009, by Keller Williams if the intent was not to find a tenant for it?

I was told that there was a previous applicant to lease the home, but they were not approved, so it was then offered to me.

Why would the lease agrement be sent to me if it was not expected that I sign it, and send it to Patti with a check enclosed? Patti knew that I was planning to start my move on the 12th of March and that it would be completed on the 22nd.

I actually moved to CA sooner than I originally planned, due to the fact that I had found exactly the home and location I was looking for.

The animals I planned to keep at the property were exactly what were listed on the lease application. The property was also zoned for horses, which I listed on the application that I also planned to keep on the 2.5 acre property.

If you remember, I was interested in negotiating with the owner for the purchase of this home, and had sent Patti proof that I had bought a home with a similar price in the past.

This Real Estate office has had a complete lack of accountability from the start, always wrongly trying to place the blame on their client. Unfortunately, you can see by the above letter how unprofessionally I was treated.

Here is Patti’s response to my message regarding my intended move-in date:

Patti Nix Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 1:40 PM

That’s great!! It looks good for the 22nd.

Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 12:02 PM
To: Patti Nix

Hi Patti,

I actually am driving and bringing my vehicle to CA, and will arrive the 15th of March, but am flying back to GA the very next day- the
16th, to finish packing and get the moving van loaded. My final arrival (with moving van) date will be either the 21st or 22nd of

I’ll be in the Rialto/Rancho Cucamonga area Sunday the 15th, and may not have time to meet with you before my flight the next day.

I can gladly overnight a cashier’s check to you, and then make arrangements to get the keys somehow upon my arrival.

I just tried to open the lease agreement file, and can’t seem to find a program that will open a .zfx file. Do you happen to have a .doc , or .wps file available?

Thanks so much!

JC March 11, 2010 at 2:22 pm

It was the agent’s responsibility to personally drive to the property and inspect it, PRIOR to offering it for lease, OR prior to taking any applications on it. That is ALL she had to do. I have been told that she lives just a few blocks away, yet could not find the time to do so. Perhaps the owners of the property told her the property was ready when they hired her, but a good Realtor wants to see things with their own eyes.

I did find, and was approved to lease an alternate property through a wonderful, caring realtor, which had seven fenced acres, and a horse barn. Unfortunately, it was terribly vandalized, and would have taken another month to be ready for move-in.

This Keller Williams Real Estate office has never even offered to cover a portion of my expenses as an “I’m sorry this happened” good will gesture.

If this is solely the Realtor’s fault, the owner’s of the property also lost a buyer for their home.

JC March 11, 2010 at 2:59 pm

Here’s proof that the agent was perfectly aware that I was bringing dogs, so that is just ANOTHER excuse to draw attention away from themselves and unprofessionally place the blame on their client:

Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 4:32 PM

To: Patti Nix

Hi Patti,

Thanks for the application. Since I just applied for another home, I already have my info available in a format that is easily emailed.

I wanted to quickly ask- is there a security system installed in the home?

Are outdoor pets allowed? I will have 5 Shepherd show dogs that would be outdoors or in the garage only.

Also, what appliances are installed in the home? What should I expect the monthly ultilities in the area to cost?

Thanks, and I’ll look forward to hearing back from you!

JC March 11, 2010 at 3:17 pm

I intend nothing personal against Patti, as is insinuated by her friend. I have never met her.

Bottom line- she was negligent. She should accept responsibility, apologize, make amends and move on with her life. It is the professional thing to do.

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