Bad Realtor

by Sharon Lynch on September 3, 2013

Company Name:: Long and Foster

This was an estate sale that was handled wrong from day one. There were two houses that were owned by my family for over sixty years. They were maintained but never upgraded. They were in average shape but did not meet FHA requirements. I wanted them sold as is. I was advised to put them on market for top dollar and let the potential buyers uncover any potential issues. Well, the houses were sold a few times but due to the games my realtor was playing they all fell through. I am shocked at all the lies and tricks that happened between me and my realtor. The portfolio I was shown was a joke, there was never an open house, flyers, or adds in the paper. Now, I finally got the houses back in my family and we will auction them off as we should have in the beginning. I plan to spread the work about the realtor I had to spare others of the doom they are sure to face if they sign a contract with Long and Foster of Devon.

This post was submitted by Sharon Lynch.

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