Be forewarned if you do business with First Team Real Estate in Laguna Niguel, Ca

by Sherry McDonald on July 10, 2009

Company Name:: First Team Real Estate, Laguna Niguel, California

Warning to those of you interested in buying properties listed by First Team Real Estate in California. A property that was listed in Garden Valley, Ca. for $85,000 (Spanish Flat) by First Team Real Estate was withdrawn from the market after I went to the trouble to make an offer of $86,000 …which was slightly more than the asking price. I was pre-approved by a bank to make this purchase. The agent listing the property for First Team R.E. never did respond to my offer one way or the other to let me know if it was accepted or not. I became concerned when I noticed that the property was withdrawn from the online multiple listings. After a week long wait for some response from First Team, which was very stressful, my own agent finally got ahold of the listing agent. When my agent finally made contact, the First Team agent seemed disinterested in our complaint of not being notified of the status of our offer and the status of the property . My agent told him he was rude and inconsiderate not to mention the fact that his ethics stunk. My agent was concerned that First Team had made him look bad in front of his own client, me. My agent stated that people like this First Team agent give the real estate industry a bad name due to the way they handle potential buyers and in their unwillingness to communicate with other realtors. The First Team agent lamely explained to my agent that he decided to pull the property off the active list and auction the property instead of accepting my offer. He never did apologize for ignoring the offer on the table and we will never know if he even gave the offer to the property owner to decide if they wanted to accept it or not. So be forewarned. If you don’t want to risk wasting your valuable time and be treated like you don’t matter, then stay away from First Team Real estate .

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Sherry McDonald July 10, 2009 at 2:13 pm

I have a comment on my own post here. I have since been told by someone that I was probably the dupe in a questionable practice enjoyed by a lot of realtors these days called “underpricing” in order to generate bid wars. So I am now wondering if the price on this house was grossly understated in order to generate interest. I was innocently making what I thought was a legitimate offer. An offer they probably never intended to accept even though their ad intimated as much. I realize that most properties are never even visited by their distant agents so they believe those photoshopped photos of houses and the property they sit on. I saw the house. It’s nice but the lot and the location are not great so I trusted the listing price based on the fact that while the house was nice, the lot had a lot of negatives and the location was difficult to get to. At any rate, if a person goes to the trouble to make an offer and endures the internal stress of waiting for a response, the very least a good agency could do is give you the courtesy of accepting or denying your offer in writing or with a phone call. I trusted First Team Real Estate to treat me with respect and they didn’t. I would never do business with them again. I am now distrusting of other ads I see by other realtors and have no appetite to buy a house after this experience.

jpulido August 20, 2009 at 7:00 pm

I have had numerous, NUMEROUS, similar experiences. I am in this for 1 year, and over 34 offers. As of this day, I have decided to take action. You see, if these practices are left unchecked, and, to continue, when the bank owned/foreclosed/short-sale’s are left in the past, the pratctices they have come so comfortable with that bring no repurcusion become common and accepted to the realtors AND the financial institutions involved. This is wrong. I say FRAUD. I say BAIT&SWITCH. I was subjected to an instance similar to Sherry McDonalds’ & Taryn Stults, and, many, many other situations which are completely illegal. Our economy is in a bad way right now, but, this is NOT the “WILD WEST”. We are the United States of America. We have rules that “we” vote on to keep the honest, honest. I’m pursuing that. Everyone/bank has the right to sell their home to whomever they choose, but, to bait an unassuming individual to invest their time, effort, and, subject their credit score to REQUIRED pre-approval status thru the lender of THEIR choice, even when a pre-approval is in hand by the bidder, on the premise that this is the ONLY way your offer will even be C O N S I D E R E D is terribly wrong!!! After over 30 offers in 1year, I am glad I know LOTS about my credit rating. My & my husbands credit rating of over 800 could be in the toilet right now had I not been savvy enough to not go for this tactic. I am appalled. This has got to stop. I would like anyone to join me that has real, VALID proof of these instances being inflicted on them also. If we don’t change it now, what’s going to become the norm in our near future? I can’t live with that. Please contact me by replying to this. I am serious. My realtor, his lawyer, the Department of Realtors, are all on my side, but, I need real people to stand with me to get to the masses. I’m sorry for your pain as much as I feel my own. I’m gonna keep going. It’s my nature. All the best. Oh, and for pete’s sake, don’t let ANYONE run your credit as a REQUIREMENT to BID on a home if you are allready aware of your credit rating/financial status, or have a pre-approval.

"Kareem Salessi" March 17, 2010 at 10:15 pm

First Team Real Estate is a total fraud.
In 2002 they forged entire sets of grant deed, title, and loan documents in a fraudulent sale of house to me located at 28841 Aloma Avenue, Laguna Niguel, Ca. 92677.
First Team admitted in the lawsuit that they have a department of forgery dedicated to forging property and its related documents. They employ expert forgers. One of their forgery departments is their escrow offices called Coast Cities Escrow. Their forgery operations were corroborated with Commonwealth Title Insurance, and World Savings Bank, now Wachovia, all of which are totally fraudulent operations, and are defendants in my current federal lawsuit in Santa Ana, Orange County, California, also know as the WORLD CAPITAL OF FRAUD, which includes its law-enforcement agencies.
Orange County, I believe, also stands for Organized Crime. Foreigners are prime targets of real-estate and lending crimes, especially by those of their own national origins, who manged to gain their trust and lure them into disasters. Look out for my postings coming soon at www. SALESSI.COM