Breach of Lease, Negligence, Fraud

by Rob Wilson on November 1, 2011

Company Name:: 4 Rent Now (Corinne Smith (233383) & Monika Tollinger (193372))

4 Rent Now, LLC (Corinne Smith- 233383, Monika Tollinger – 193372, Dana Hogan – 254248, Mick Hogan – 254026) served as my property management agency for 127 Lamplighter Way, Spring Lake, NC 28390 from June 2010 until October 1, 2011. I had to remove them from service due to breach of contract, negligence, and fraud on their part. Since my tenant has moved out in June 2010, there has been no inspection done and my requests for one have been ignored. In fact, none was ever done.

My property was NOT 1)managed properly, 2)inspected, 3)promptly repaired following moved out of tenant, nor 4)advertised to the fullest without my constant instruction as one who is not a real estate professional that the house would have been rented by July at latest. I’m sure you can discuss with other property managers also to gain an unbiased perspective on the advertising issues as I have done.

4 Rent Now, LLC verbally committed to resolving all remaining repairs by 1 October. On that date, they needed more time. As of today repairs have still not been completed and there still does not seem to be a priority in resolving the repairs. In fact, Dana Hogan even offered that I call her repairman to push him along.
Effects to Owner:
-Loss of Rent (June-October) due to house not being repaired following tenants move out ($1800 per month)
-Loss of time with family (18 hours on 6 & 7 Sep interupting my vacation to travel from Charleston, SC and another 20 hours on 1 October traveling from Springfield, VA to fire 4 Rent Now, inspect repairs, and sign with new manager) This will continue until I am able to facilitate the changeover between the old manager (4RentNow) and new manager.
-Extreme worry on the part of the owner on the care of my largest investment diverting my attention from my vocation and family.

Breaches in Lease Agreement:
-NO PETS ALLOWED – Did so knowingly allow a pet to stay in the house. a) the pet was not discovered until I inspected in March 2011, b) 4 Rent Now only secured a fee as compensation, and c) did nothing to get the pet out of the house unbenounced to us as the owners and without our permission (Point to this effect: On 7 September while I inspected the house, Mick Hogan made the statement that while showing the house next door the dog was always chained to the back deck. Since they did not move in until June, I know now that the dog was aloowed to stay in the house). – see attached damages
-Marketing – In late August while in Tampa on business, I met a colleague who was looking for a rental in the Bragg area and was positive he did not see my house while doing his search. In doing some research, I could only find the home by doing a google search for the specific address. In NONE of the main searchable websites was there even the most basic of filterable data (property type (single family home), fireplace, fitness center, storage, deck, laundry room, family room, dining room, pool access, and golf course.) While not all sites offer all these filters, there was no effort to update any of it, leaving only the statement “too many extras to list.” This effectively removed my property from any logical search during the height of PCS season into Fort Bragg.
-Damages (attached) were spread throughout the house and went unresolved until I drove 5 hours (one-way) to inspect and see why the house was not being advertised properly. From June – 7 Sep, the damages sat unresolved, unknown. As of 1 Oct, 60% of the damages are still present. Since the electricity/water is turned off and there was never an inspection, I’m can’t be sure if more damages exist.
-Late Fee – When in November 2010 a rent payment was paid late, no late fee was assessed or received.

-Knowlingly allowed the dog to remain on the property after I identified it causing extensive damages.
-Failed to inspect after the tenants moved out despite the presence of a dog that breached the lease.
-Some of the damages were so severe that if a new tenant was obtained they stood a good chance of getting hurt (e.g. rungs on a rope ladder for the playset broken to create long spikes)

-Not until 1 October 2011 did I receive the signed rental agreement (Moved in June 2010, Moved out June 2011) and the pre-inspection done by the tenants (Callaghan). No close-out inspection was done in accordance with the inspection policy provided by the company.

4 Rent Now,LLC (Corinne Smith (233383) & Monika Tollinger (193372)) have had more than 2 months to review my losses in context and have even had to continuously intercede to reengage Dana Hogan (254248), as the property manager, in getting repairs resolved. Each time I ask for update on the repairs, I’m given a reason why it is taken longer to get resolved. To this day, damages are still pending with no ascertainable priority placed on resolution of the matter. I stand firm that had my property been 1)managed properly, 2)inspected in accordance with agreements and policy, 3)promptly repaired, and 4)advertised to the fullest without my constant instruction as one who is not a real estate professional that the house would have been rented by July at latest. Therefore my losses are over $10,000 in revenue lost not to mention the months I have had to divert my attention from family and vocation to resolve this nightmare.

I need these repairs completed ASAP.
I need restitution for my losses.

This post was submitted by Rob Wilson.

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maria blalock May 6, 2012 at 1:27 pm

I need to get in touch with the person who filled the complaint against for rent now.

maria blalock May 6, 2012 at 1:41 pm

I live in Fayetteville NC .My phone number is 910-867-2851, my cell # is 910-850-5828.
Please get in touch with me.I also had 4 rent now to manage my properties.

Thanks, Maria Blalock