Cheryl Melendez – Coldwell Banker Excellence, Brea, CA

by Lisa Lemos on August 13, 2009

Please be warned we purchased a house that Cheryl Melendez was the selling agent for. We had our own agent representing us (buyers). After being in our house for less than a year we were getting harrassed by the City for Code Violations on the property. When we discussed them they advised us of a previous lawsuit and settlement agreement that was recorded on the title (this was not on our title report). We soon obtained the agreement in which the previous owners received compensation from a lawsuit and with that put restrictions on our property that “run with the land”. This was not disclosed by the sellers or the agent. They had a statement on the disclosure but was vague and did not even touch on the reality of the situation. At our final walk thru we questioned Cheryl about the statement and she told us that it was just a dispute with the neighbors over tree removal and the neighbor removed them and we have nothing to worry about. Mind you we did not have any other indication on the disclosures nor did anything come on title so we trusted the agent as there was no red flags otherwise. Later after we filed a lawsuit we were told that she thought the situation was funny and had earlier talked about her clients and how she just wanted to get rid of them. Her clients in a letter to our attorney stated that she told them not to disclose it. She then later stated she had no duty to tell us as we were not her clients. This is WRONG and she had an ethic duty to disclose any known facts that affected the value of the property. She is an agent that will do or say anything to close a deal at any cost…. We are know in a house with $200K + damages and have been told the house is UNSELLABLE by other real estate agents. By her dishonesty we are stuck in a house that we overpaid for considering the damages and have had to pay alot of money in legal fees just trying to get justice. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS AGENT OR THE BROKER.

This post was submitted by Lisa Lemos.

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