Conduct of Realtors

by Brent White on March 29, 2013

Company Name:: Howard Hanna

I saw a property on a third party site which allowed me to email the listing realtor from Howard Hanna in order to have them contact me with information about the property. I never heard back from the realtor, so thinking that maybe the email didn’t get to him, I called him and he said he had gotten the email, but that he’d been busy.
Should have listened to my instincts right there, but instead we talked and he said he would gather some information and get right back to me. A few days later I called the corporate offices to ask them what was up with this particular office since I still had not heard anything back from this particular realtor.
Corporate sends me to their Cleveland downtown corporate office (Howard Hanna is started to sound a little TOO corporate at this point) and takes my question and they have the broker from this office call me.
After our conversation he has a different realtor in his office call me, who gets me the information I need on the property I’m interested in and schedules an appointment to meet me in order to show the property.
The morning that we’re suppose to meet at the property, the second realtor is a NO SHOW. NOT even a phone call to let me know he can’t make it. Since I had about had it at this point (sat at the property for 30 minutes without hearing or seeing the realtor) I call the downtown corporate office yet AGAIN. Informed that Hobby Hanna is not in, they send a message to the realtor who stood me up and the broker of this office after I had told them that I was done with this office and did NOT want to work with anyone associated with this office.
By this time I’m in a meeting and can’t take my calls, so when I come out I have FOUR messages, one from the broker and THREE from the realtor who stood me up, informing me that he’s sick.
Do you think if you were sick, yet strong enough to call me THREE times after I spoke to his corporate office, that he could have had the decency to call me to reschedule the original appointment? He obviously wasn’t going to call me at any point to inform me that he couldn’t make the meeting OR to reschedule if I hadn’t called the corporate office.
I have NEVER seen a real estate office act in such a consistently unprofessional manner. This office, and I’m starting to believe Howard Hanna in general is a sad excuse for a real estate firm and that they can not be trusted or depended on to conduct any type of real estate transactions.
I would expect so much more from this office in the manner in which they train (or in this case, don’t train) their realtors and I certainly expect so much more from Howard Hanna’s corporate offices.
If you’re looking for real professionals to handle your real estate needs, then I highly suggest you do NOT work with this office of Howard Hanna, and I’d be very careful at this point of considering any other Howard Hanna office as well.

This post was submitted by Brent White.

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Michele Coleman May 20, 2013 at 9:01 am

I need help with a unbelievable transaction that took place in December of 2009
It has ten me this long between hospital visit to be well enough to address this.

I entered in a real estate transaction and made the offer in 12/09. Signed appropriate paperwork and gave of $5000 deposit “good faith”,money On December 22 another $30,000 was wired to Meridian Title, total is now at over $100,000 A!ll of the money I put away for my retirement was taken from me that day. Someone needs to take responsibility in this
I have purchased 3 homes on the water, some over $1M and never had an issue.

My realtor that I brought to the table, had prior knowledge of this home, I brough
thim o the table. because I thought he was my friend.

Park Lampson Coldwell” showed up in my driveway in the pouring rain and had me sign a paper with a green Crayayon. I had just been released from Palm O Pasadena, I have seizures due to stress and am on SSD. I have no ideal where the monies were distributed but I was led to believe if you don’t close on a propertyty, for whatever reason, you get your escrow money

On December 23, 2010 because Embassy Mortgage backed out after providing a “preapproval letter” with no contingencies they revoking the letter of commitment.

Michele Coleman May 20, 2013 at 9:03 am

Please see if you can assist me to put this terrible loss in the past.