Consumer fraud; unethical omission of information regarding condition of Avalon beach

by Diane Fugale on March 29, 2011

Company Name:: Ferguson & Dechert , Avalon, NJ

In June, of 2010, we rented a very expensive, beach block home from Ferguson Dechert realty in Avalon. We were aware that dredging of the beach may be taking place. We inquired about this directly with the realtor, who assured us ” we would certainly let you know if the dredging is not done in time for your rental”. We arrived at our 16th street beach at 10:00 am to find our beach was completely closed and covered with equipment from 12th street through 18th street. We were stunned. We refused to enter the house, pleaded with the realtor to help us get our money back, and to find us a comparable rental where there was no dredging. We met with the owner of Ferguson Dechert, Allan Dechert, and our realtor, who admitted he had committed to keeping us informed of the dredging and admitted he failed to do so. They basically did nothing and we had no choice then to accept the rental. ( their suggestion was to SUE the owner, which I’m sure the owner would love to hear ) . We daily sent them pictures of our beach , which was either closed completely or covered with equipment for the ENTIRE seven days of our vacation. We attempts to received compensation, but Fergusonn Dechert has refused to reimbuse us for any of our $5000.
This is actually the SECOND time our beach rental was misrepresented. In 2005, they rented us a “beach block” house located behind the acres of preserve. Beach block? We had to walk across a four lane road, walk through 4-5 blocks of trees to reach the beach. We had small children, my mother had just passed away, and we were looking forward to enjoying the sand and surf. We couldn’t even see the beach, hear the water or reach the sand without a major effort.
Failing to tell the truth about a rental location and failing to keep the renters informed about the condition of the beach is UNETHICAL and consumer fraud.

This post was submitted by Diane Fugale.

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