Dishonest and Rude Agent, Ruth Demetriou

by scottsmith on August 7, 2012

WriteThis agent was very unprofessional, rude and a liar. We wanted to buy this house under her listing so we called her to schedule and appointment. She threathened us that if we cannot agree to the listing price, do not waste her time and there was no negotiation permitted. We haven’t even seen the house yet at that point. Excusing her rudeness, her inability to stop talking, and her lack of manners that interrupts every single word you try to say, we scheduled the appointment and went to see the house. We fell in love with the house. She told us that this house WAS in contract with another buyer but they were unable to get a loan so SHE SAID, THE CONTRACT WAS DEAD between the buyer and the seller. She hurried us to sign the offer to agree to the listing price. We did. Few days past and I called her to follow up, she threathened and yelled at me on the phone asking me not to bother calling her until she had an answer. She was rude all these while and I’m saying this in a good manner; how I wish I can swear on this review right now.

Finally, after calling her a few times and getting yelled yet, she said we can schedule for an inspection. I told her I need to see the contract before doing so. She did not get back to me. Another few days past and no answer, I called her and she insisted I schedule an inspection without the contract. I doubted her ethics and honesty all these while but she assured me that the contract was being drafted. On the day of the inspection, she called and told me, no need for the inspection, the house has sold, closed to the previous buyer, whom she said the contract was dead with the seller. Then she hung up. I was devastated that she cheated my time and effort.

I left her a bad review on and other real estate website but she deleted all the negative feedback. She even called me and yelled at me for leaving those feedback. I feel angry and I wish I could warn the whole world about her. There were other bad reviews on the website that she deleted. here

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