Don’t Buy Signature Place Condominium

by disgustedowner on May 24, 2009

Signature Place did not disclose prior to purchasing our unit that there was not an individual water shut off valve for each unit.
Nor, did they disclose and currently refuse to correct the fact that our garage does not have an electrical circuit breaker in our unit. The e-mail from Bernard Allison Group states that there could never be an emergency in the garage in which I would need to turn off the power. The major complaint about this development is their lack of foresight into the hazards of individual owners not being able to turn off the water to their units. When a leak occurs in the above unit (which has happened twice in my unit, three times for one of my neighbors and once for the neighbor next to me.) They require us, the downstairs owners, to know how to get in touch with the neighbor upstairs to inform them of the water pouring down into your downstairs unit. I contacted the Tempe Inspector and he said that Signature Place was Granfathered into the Plumbing Code so they were allowed to sell these units as is. These condominiums were converted from apartments but the only conversion that I see completed was changing the “For Rent” sign to “For Sale”. We want to remodel our bathroom but the contractor told us the water would need to be turned off for 3 days. Condo Management told me that my contractor should be mind full of my neighbors’ normal work day schedules and that I should notify her when the remodel will take place and she will notify the as many as 12 units that the water will be turned off. I have to tell you that if my water was going to be turned off for three days I would be furious and I would think that this would be a violation of some Health Code. We have elderly people in our building and I would hate to think of them being without water for that long. I don’t know who or what to do about this. My husband is a Veteran and he is suffering from service related injuries, we need to have this work completed before his next surgery. We are thoroughly disgusted with Signature Place and regret very much having purchased this unit.

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Sam N May 24, 2012 at 10:29 am

That sounds extremely inconvenient for you, and possibly dangerous for the elderly people in your building. I think condo management should be a little more cognizant of their tenants need. Maybe you can consult with others in your unit to maybe remodel at the same time you do so that others aren’t as affected as much and they all know what is happening?