Had to ask for an unconditional release.

by George Moreno. on August 7, 2014

Company Name:: Goyburu Realty

I gave this Reator/Broker. (Mr. Carlos. Goyburu) a listing to do a Short Sale for me, he proceeded to rent with the option to buy to one of his friend’s brother (whom is also the potential buyer of the property), less than half of what you would get for a five beroom 2 full bath house with a big back yard in the heart of West New York, NJ. for only $500 a month, he also wanted a lease, i said ok. month to month, then he sid ok. he said he will give me copies of everything that i signed the next day, well a month passed by and i saked him what happened to my copies he said that i haven’t been paying him anything yet to start the Short Sale and also told me that i am wasting his ink, to make me copies of everything that i signed so i said to him, do this in good faith or don’t do it at all, so he said i will give you an unconditional release, also made me pay $20 for the ink for the lease he printed for me to then find out that he did the lease for 2 years not month to month like he promised me also rented the property for less that half the rent you would normally get for a 1 family 5 bedroom 2 bath house, which would cost today an easy $1500 a month, he did this for his friend while taking advantage of me then told his friends to change the locks to the front door and now they don’t want to give me a copy of the keys after it was the bank that changed the locks when i went into foreclosure a few years back, i am very upset at this Realtor, he should not be anywhere near any Real Estate transactions in any way, he is a total faud and also taking advantage of one of his clients that was nice enough to give him the listing so he can make a commission, which he also offered to share half of his comission with me if i gave him the lisiting, which was a lie for me to trust him. Mr. Goyburu, is the lowest business man i’ve ever heard of and unfortunately dealt with. Please see to it that this Realtor/Broker is diciplined and/or have his license taken indefenetly if possible,. what he is putting me through i would not wish on anyone, especially with someone that trusted him and whom was supposed to be helping me out, not taking advantage of me and turing a transaction into a complete fraud in ther lowest way, to take advantage of one of his clients. Thank you for your co-operation with this serious matter. Sincerely; george

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