Home Price Sales

by Russell Patterson on October 16, 2013

I just wanted you let someone know about how I was treated while trying to purchase a Fannie Mae owned home. This has been the most frustrating part of my life. I am a Veteran trying to purchase my very first home in Atlanta, Ga. The home was listed for 104k but, after the appraisal of the house came back way lower at 86k. This was justified because of other comparable’s in the same neighborhood that sold between 81k-90k. But this Fannie Mae agent would only come down to 91k, and NO closing cost. This is the worst experience I have been through and for Fannie Mae to treat Veterans like this is just sad. On top of all that the house has bad mold in the garage which I was gonna have fixed out of my pocket. This is not right, and I will do all I can not to encourage any Veterans to use this service. I will put this information out to the local media and social media for everyone to see how they will be treated.

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