House Sold with Concealed Damages

by jeff lehman on February 8, 2012

Company Name:: City of Northfield, Prudential Fox and Roach

Purchased home in Northfield, NJ in July 2000. House purchased for extended family with illness. House came with undisclosed roofing and plumbing leaks- hard to diagnose initially due to concealment. Leaks came through kitchen light fixtures first then punctured holes in sheetrock. A second plaster ceiling lain above- which retarded leaks for awhile. Sellers stuffed insulation in other leaking rooms. Splintered floors and multiple coverings paritally torn up under heavily stapled rugs. Walls in poor condition covered with cheap paneling, but painted nicely. Foundation heaving and cracked extension supporting one side of first floor cracked- painted over. Family has had to live in shame with awful community of busybodies. When sought legal advice, was told no legal recourse- no lemon laws for house. Sellers flipped house with cosmetic improvements, concealed damages. Their realtor drove hard bargain and was aware of situation. City of Northfield was either dishonest or negligent- sellers had house long enough for inspection as it was being worked upon. Told later by neighbors house was in bad shape before sale. Now losing house due to extensive repair costs

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