Incorrect price agreement submitted to lawyers and agent took higher commission because of error.

by Timothy Connell on February 12, 2012

Company Name:: Remax

I used Larry Brewer as my agent and River City Law Group as my lawyer in the sale of my condo at 57 3040 spence Wynd Edmonton AB. Due to some error the actual agreed sale price document was not sent to the lawyer a prior price agreement was which was $780.00 more than the final sale price. I made the error of not noticing this error and signed the documents. That was my error. Unfortunately the purchaser and there lawyer did the same. Meaning I owed them $780.00. I paid this owed my back though the purchasers lawyer as my lawyer wanted to charge me $500.00 per hour to fix this error (and was being very ignorant about it ). I paid the money back in full to Donald J Masson of Minsos Stewart Masson who represented the purchasers. I have this all documented in detail and Masson response was that I was paranoid. I want to make it perfectly clear that this experience with Edmonton lawyers and Realtors has been the worst experience of house sales and purchase I have ever had and I have owed 3 houses and sold 2. My compliant is that Larry Brewer 780-719-5667 or 780-722-8910 owes me $80.00 and has yet to submit this amount to me. I have made attempts to contact him and his assist/wife stated that I would receive the refund. $80.00 is a tiny amount by due to the incompetence of everyone involved I can’t allow them to have this extra money for the horrible service I received throughout the sale of my property.

This post was submitted by Timothy Connell.

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