by DG on September 25, 2012

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I am writing tonight to complain about a Realtor on Lake Anna Virginia. His name is Wayne Vucovich. In October of 2007 my wife and I bought a model home on the lake that was for sale, complete and ready to move in. For nearly 5 years we and our neighbors manicured a lot between the two of us that was all woods and weeds. We kept it nice and presentable for the owner whom we did not know. Never once were we contacted and given a thank you but that was okay. The lot looked nice and our neighborhood was presentable. During the summer of 2010 the owner of the lot Wayne Vucovich stopped by while I was cutting the grass, not only our 3 acres but his plot as well. He thanked us and said it was okay use the land as if it were ours. All we did was place our two boat trailers up in the woods but kept the property clean and mowed. During the summer of 2012 I received a call from Wayne, he said we needed to move our trailers off of his land because he was trying to sell the land and it appeared to the buyers as a skinny lot (take a look at the plot map idiot it will tell you that you have 3 acres of your own). In August of 2012 a very nice couple put a contract on the property. After the initial survey was completed it was discovered by their surveyor that apparently a portion of our driveway was on their soon to be land (we did not contract to have the driveway poured. I was there when we closed on the land and received a deed to the lot). Wayne called an left a message within minutes of receiving the news. I found out tonight 9-25-2012 that Wayne Vuccivich intended to sue my wife and I for $14,000.00 because of a piece of the driveway apparently on the land. He said, “I can make money on this deal” according to my source. Keep in mind that this property sold for $39,000.00 or less. The original price of the 3 acres was $99,000.00 back in 2007.

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