listing agent wanted all of the commision would not take our offer

by cheryl eckman on November 9, 2009

Company Name:: re max all pro realty diane kirvan

we were showed the property the in sept. we asked our agent if the owners were willing to do a lease purchase deal to give us time to either rent or sell our home. All we expected was a yes or no instead we were asked by diane kirvan to give the owners some time that the dad was having some medical tests done. It turns out that the dad had lung cancer. we again was asked to give the family some time. On 10-11-09 Diane sent our agent a email asking us to wait til after 10-13-09 that the family would be better prepared to make a decision. She said that she was doing her due diligence regarding a market rent for the house. She had several terms that we agreed to all of them. We were put on hold for almost a month. We finally got fed up with her putting us off and I was leaving the area to go back home so Diane was told by our agent that we were putting in a offer to buy and when we sent the offer over with a 5,000 check she said she would not accept it because she had her own customer offer and there check. I have bought and sold many properties all over the USA and there were times I would 3 offers at one time I could choose which offer I wanted. As far as we know the owners were not aware of our new offer. We always was going to buy the house we just was told to give the family time. So I got screwed for being compassionate for the other family .This is what is wrong with this country and why we are in the shape we are now in. Pure greed.And the real estate board will not stop the agents they police them selves. What happened to having ethics.

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