Listing Agent

by Deb S on September 27, 2011

We listed our house with the agent Chuck Passaro.
He gave little advice. He did nothing. He didn’t setup the agents open house, so no one showed up. He advised us to set the price at a level where no one would see the house listed. He ignored us, and ignored requests.

He did everything he could to be sure that no offers would be made on the house until he ‘suddenly’ changed jobs to a different realty. He figured to be sure to take us with him to the new job.

He cost us more than a month… lots of expenses in materials, and caused us to miss an important time in the market. All so that he could serve himself in the move he knew was coming.

Avoid this guy! Albany New York

He cares only for himself and will throw anyone else under the bus.

This post was submitted by Deb S.

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