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by brian aaron on October 6, 2009

bank envelope found outside mailbox in apartment building. name of bank: UNION BANK. name on envelope: brian aaron, 801 s. union ave #204, los angeles, ca. 90017.

Tried to EMAIL the post office and their website disappeared off the computer, 8:40pm pst. Tried again to email the post office and computer freeze not responding to anything I type

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Elicia Frank December 11, 2010 at 6:43 pm

I have contacted Supervisor of the incorporated area of Palmdale Sherriff stations and he stated that I needed to contact the Title companies which one of the companies is First American Title, Ms. Karen Saez, Attorney for legal department and she chose not to return my call, one of the representatives from the claims unit Cheryl stated that they could not do anything about the illegal title changing and at arm’s length this couple is performing for 4 of their properties.

I also contacted the legal department of B o A on November 4, 2010 and the manager Juan Gonzalez stated that they are not the police and they could not do anything either. This shows the concern and the reason that there is fraudulent activity going unprosecuted in the housing industry, I am homeless and jobless, due to the nature of these individuals.

This is a dual complaint where both business’s ACE Realty and American Union reside at the same location (38414 Division Street, Palmdale, CA 93550). The home address where Cedric Age and Marneta House reside is 39532 Hawthorne Blvd., Palmdale, CA 93551. This couple was married in Las Vegas (January 17, 2010). I have a Certified copy of their marriage certificate. I also have a Certified copy of the Grant Deed from the Registrar-recorder /County Clerk’s Office of two of several properties that Cedric Age and Marneta House have transferred to each other as an unmarried man and an unmarried woman to each other and the change of titles during short sale’s and foreclosure proceedings. The properties are 937 E. Avenue Q6, Palmdale, CA 93550 and 1100 N. Lago Lindo Avenue, Palmdale, CA 93551. 1100 N. Lago Lindo Avenue was vacant recently.

A Former employer of Marneta House Jamie Lotz /Buyer. Marneta House/ American Union/Pinnacle Mercantile/Bee Free Financial and Mortgage Management Consultants, LLC was the Lender and overseer of the process of a short sale between Jamie Lotz’s (who is no longer an assistant of Marneta House) and Jamie’s brother.

I just want Justice and I will not stop until I receive it. I am currently without a home and a job at this time and I am stressed, becoming sick because of all the injustice and no one reprimanding this couple that has hurt several people in the community.

I am combining this information with employment and housing because it is interrelated and it would confuse the reader if I separated the two letters. Cedric Age informed the staff they are married in January 2008, but Marneta House stated that they were going to be married and Ofelia asked when is the date, which left me totally confused as to whether they were married or not (important statement regarding the following information that I am about to share with the reader).

I am informing you of the details as to the reason I feel I was discriminated against by Marneta House (Vice President of ACE Realty, Licensed Broker, Real Estate Agent, Lender for American Union / Pinnacle Mercantile/ Bee Free Mortgage Financial and MMC LLC). I was a tenant at 937 E. Avenue Q6, Palmdale, CA 93550 Managed by Cedric Age / Broker for Future Age Enterprise’s dba ACE Realty/ my Employer. I occupied this property technically April 4, 2008. We could not reach Mr. Age to enter the property on April 4, 2008 to get the key ( I only received one key for the front entrance, not the bolt lock of the front entrance nor the two back doors), my two children and I sat in the Uhaul most of the night until I called my April in Lancaster. Mr. Age did not call me until 12:00pm on Saturday the next day.

I was employed by Cedric Age (Broker for ACE Realty / Manager for Marneta House on June 23, 2008 on a part-time basis, but I worked more than 40 hours, because I loved my work and I was eager to learn from this very talented and experienced Broker Cedric Age of 21 years.

July 2008 Future Age Enterprise’s dba ACE Realty received a citation from the City of Palmdale regarding two unpermitted banners that are located on the side and back of the building stating (HUD Homes 50% Off) the banner on the back of the building has ( REAL ESTATE home, land, and commercial HUD homes 50% off). There are not any HUD homes that this company offered for this price at the time of my employment. Mr. Age asked me to find out what signs and flags were permissible with the City codes and I did, I gave him the information and he asked me to file it in a binder for future references. Mr. Age then proceeded to tell me to call the Maintenance department of the City of Palmdale and tell them that ACE Realty took down the banners and that was a complete lie, I felt very uncomfortable telling them this, and ACE Realty did not receive a citation.
The same two banners and now he has two bow flags that he had me research before I was layed off and the banners August 16, 2010.

On Sunday August 9, 2009 I called Mr. Cedric Age (my employer and manager for Marneta House the landlord) from the hospital to inform him that I was admitted over night without telling him my condition. I was admitted to Antelope Valley Hospital on Saturday August 8, 2009 after telling an employee by the name of Ofelia Cabrera ( an unlicensed lead consultant for Cedric Age) Mr. Age was located in New Orleans at the time on Business, Marneta House ( owner of said property and lender of American Union and Vice President for ACE Realty) who was not present at the time and nor available, due to the fact she does not answer phone calls on the weekend or after hours, whether it is an emergency or not.

All of this information regarding my employment is pertinent to the discrimination of wrongful tenancy termination, retaliation and violation of the Department of Real Estate, I was released from the hospital on Sunday August 9, 2009. I returned back to work on Tuesday afternoon August 11, 2009. Monday’s was my day off, although I usually worked to complete and thoroughly satisfy Marneta House (landlord and Cedric Age my manager and employer). Upon returning Tuesday afternoon, Marneta House (my landlord, vice president of ACE Realty, License Broker, Real Estate and Lender for American Union/ Pinnacle Mercantile/Be Free Financial and MMC, LLC) harassed me in a harsh demeanor by asking me if I was sick that morning, I calmly responded that I was in the hospital ( I said it twice ) over the weekend and then she responded that she knew that and asked me was I okay. And I responded that I was okay and those were the only words that were exchanged between Marneta House and myself, I did not provide any information regarding my health, intentionally.

I wanted to speak with Cedric Age (whom I personally assisted as a Business Administator ) regarding my health condition. I remained calm without responding to my landlord (which was intimidating enough working with her) and vice president of ACE Realty Marneta House who presented a harsh and selfish tone of voice towards me. Marneta House asked me did I finish the BPO that was due the next day for Goodman Dean an outsource company that Cedric Age and I worked with. Marneta House had never questioned my work regarding my assistance with Cedric Age directly in this manner in his presence when he was at the Office, but she was located at our Office (ACE Realty) 90 percent of the day, which is against the regulations of the Department of Real Estate.

I informed Marneta House my landlord and VP of ACE Realty that I had spoken to Cedric Age and received his email (because I worked from home instead that morning after getting out of the Hospital two days before) and completed the Broker Price Opinion for Cedric Age (employer and manager for property) who emailed me the details earlier that morning.
Delisa Turner (Real Estate Agent and niece of Marneta House/landlord and also Cedric Age’s niece bv marriage to Marneta) had to locate the property and take the photos for the Broker Price Opinion.

Delisa Turner approached me in Cedric Age’s Office and asked me for a copy of the Broker Price Opinion at Marneta House’s request, I thought it was an unusual request that was not the norm. I was uploading pictures on Cedric Age’s computer for the BPO at the time to email to Goodman Dean (outsource company). I informed Delisa Turner that I was in the hospital and that I had a blood transfusion and Marneta’s behavior towards me was making me sick physically. Delisa Turner was the only employee that I divulged this information too, because she said that she was in the hospital on an out patient basis the week before and I apologized for not being aware of it.

Later on that day August 11, 2009, Cedric Age (my manager for Marneta and Employer) called me from New Orleans and asked me to go next door to American Union and tell his wife Marneta House (landlord) to call him.
He has never asked me to stop my work and perform this type of request when he had full access to her numbers and her where abouts. I felt very uncomfortable performing such an unusual request that was totally out of the ordinary (especially after experiencing so much stress earlier from Marneta House (landlord and VP of ACE Realty) that day.

The next morning while checking my email on Wednesday August 12, 2009. I received an email from Jessica Davy of JD Administrators Inc. (HR Representative), stating that I would need to bring in a doctors note to return back to work without restrictions. I caught the bus to Lancaster to the Hospital which stressed me out the more, because I was unable to locate the attending physician that released me from the Hospital 4 days prior. I returned on Thursday August 13, 2009 with the doctors note, I faxed all necessary documents to Jessica and then called her to confirm if she received them or not.

Jessica Davy called me in the afternoon approximately 3:30pm and told me that she had spoken with Cedric Age (manager for Marneta’s property and Employer) and they both agreed that I should take off the rest of the week with pay and come in on Tuesday, August 18, 2009, because Cedric Age was not returning until Tuesday. Jessica stated if my job was too stressful, she would sit down with me and discuss duties that she could start performing. She also asked me did I have a blood transfusion and I said yes. I never disclosed this information to her before.

When I arrived on Tuesday August 18, 2009, Ms. Marneta House (landlord) came to my Office with the open hole that she created (during renovation of both offices) without a window for confidentiality as a Business Administrator (clients could hear my conversations as well as other employees when giving out credit card information). I mentioned this to Cedric Age and he said that a window was being processed to fit inside the open space (hole) for privacy. However, of course this was not true, another broken promise not fulfilled and it was not true.

Ms. House proceeded to tell me that Cedric Age needed to see me. When I arrived, Ms. House was seated in the Office with him. While we three were present in the Office Mr. Age stated that they were concerned about me and cared about me, and that they did not know where I was. When he was informed by me of where I was on August 9, 2009. Ofelia was informed of my whereabouts on August 8, 2009, when I left on Saturday to catch the bus to Antelope Valley Hospital. Then Marneta House/ Landlord asked did I get any rest during my time off and I stated, “No,” I took care of some personal things. Marneta asked me was I okay I said yes. I asked her to clarify what she meant by was I okay and she stated about the bleeding and the blood transfusion that I told her about when I returned back on Tuesday to work August 11, 2009. I stated that I did not tell her I had a blood transfusion and I was bleeding, because I was not bleeding at all, I needed blood.

I told Marneta in November 2008 that I had a blood transfusion 3 years previously in 2006. August 18, 2009 I told Marneta in front of Cedric Age that I mentioned that I had a blood transfusion to Delisa Turner (their niece) and then Marneta stated that I was delusional at the time, I felt very offended and this was a very inappropriate word to use to describe and by no means an accurate account of my medical stability at the time.

I feel as though Ms. House committed perjury to cover up her knowledge of the lack of confidentiality Delisa Turner (their niece displayed towards me). Delisa Turner (licensed Real Estate agent) always told Cedric Age and Marneta House everything including fabricated stories and they believed her no matter what without questioning the other employees to get the other side of the story. She always tried to impress them.

I did not tell Ms. House (my landlord, vice president of ACE Realty, broker and lender for American Union/ Pinnacle Mercantile/Be Free Mortgage Financial and MMC, LLC) of my medical condition on purpose, I wanted to tell Mr. Age, who was always busy and started deleting my messages due to mistreatment that I received from Ms. House and other employees at ACE Realty and American Union.

During this meeting on Tuesday August 18, 2009, it may have been recorded without me knowing it (as on a number of occasions). During this meeting Marneta (VP for ACE Realty and Lender for American Union/Pinnacle Mercantile/ Be Free Mortgage Financial and MMC, LLC) stated that I could have fainted and that I was a liability to the company ( ACE Realty). In addition, that since I have blood transfusions frequently. I responded by saying I do not have blood transfusions on a frequent basis, which was another false statement, this was my second blood transfusion in my life. I stated that I was not a liability (I stated that I was not that sick) and Ms. House/(my landlord and VP for ACE Realty) said that everyone that worked for ACE Realty was a liability. Ms. House also stated that she knew other people that had a blood transfusion and she did not understand why the hospital would release me so quickly. I felt very humiliated in front of my employer Mr. Age; he did not defend me or stand up for me as usual when she frequently behaved in this manner. Especially during meetings, that Marneta conducted for ACE Realty at ACE Realty’s Office and at American Union Office. She insulted several employees in front of everyone.

Marneta also insulted her employee Lynette Mercado employee for American Union of 9 yrs (Linette Mercado’s recorded her voice on ACE Realty’s voicemail after I was layed off), Marneta House frequently insulted Ofelia Cabrera in these regular meetings, she also insulted Mr. Age, and Marneta also insulted her niece Delisa Turner and her employee Valerie Palermo (I wanted to stand up for everyone and defend them in these meetings, especially Cedric Age, because I assisted him and I felt insulted as well) and I felt like it was my fault if things were not right at the Office as a Business Administrator and Cedric Age might blame me for her behavior). I was extremely intimidated by Marneta House because of her vindictiveness and retaliatory ways.

I felt I deserved to be treated fairly by the agents, consultants and upper management, since I had been a very dedicated employee and would have done anything for the company within the guidelines according to the branch of Good Faith and fair dealing as an implied covenant.

I had tried to have a meeting privately for three months (due to extreme ease dropping by Delisa Turner and Marneta House/landlord) I caught them listening on several occasions (once in the men’s bathroom, while they pretended to be in the ladies bathroom). I had been ignored by Cedric Age’s; he deleted voicemails regarding the mistreatment by this VP (employer) Marneta House and others at American Union and ACE Realty (that were shown favoritism). Cedric Age informed me that the reason he deleted voicemails was that he did not want to hear about the employee’s inadequacies and treatment towards me. I left a message on Cedric Age’s (manager for 937 E. Avenue Q6, Palmdale, CA and my employer) voicemail regarding a man following me from the Office twice, on one occasion I was walking to the bus stop (it was daylight both times).

This elderly gentleman followed the bus and preceded to follow me home, I was very frightened and very afraid to walk in the direction of my house that I rented from Marneta House/Landlord and Cedric Age/ Manager for Marneta and my employer.
I called Cedric Age immediately and until this day, he has not asked how I was doing and if I was okay or give him a description of the man that was involved in this incident. As a Manager of the property that I resided at and an employee, I should feel safe, not violated in any way. I felt as though Mr. Age needed to be informed of this information for the safety of the other employees, although they owned cars.

On September 14, 2009, I wrote a letter to Marneta House/Landlord stating that I forgave her for using the word delusional to describe my state of being at the time of returning back to work, after being admitted in the Hospital and hoping to receive an apology. I told Maneta House in the letter that I know it was hard to separate me from a tenant and an employee. And that I felt that I was treated as if I was beneath them. Ms. House never responded to the letter nor apologized.

September 22, 2009 I emailed Cedric Age to inquire who the manager for the property that I resided at the time was for 937 E. Avenue Q 6, Palmdale, CA 93550 that ACE Realty was managing (he started neglecting the managerial duties, we needed some assistance on the property, he used to come by to check on us, but Cedric Age stopped coming by when the friends of Marneta and himself moved in the back). Mr. Age received my rent and deposit of $1800.00 from March 2008 until March 2009, but when the merger took place with American Union Financial, he asked me to start giving the rent directly to Marneta House / Landlord, who never came to the property except for one time at night during the merger (during the renovation) and two weeks later a family friend (Sharon, Robert and their Daughter/grandson) moved in the back unit (converted garage).

September 22, 2009 on the same day that I sent the email request whom the manager was for 937 E. Avenue Q6, Palmdale, CA 93550? I was placing listings on the board (located in front of my Office) regarding our REO Properties and Marneta/ my Landlord walked by without speaking to me, Marneta preceded towards the kitchen and hit the storage room door with her (sounded like her fist really loud and said bi _ _ _. I turned around in shock and disbelief not knowing, nor did I see anyone else around, but me. I kept working as if I did not hear, because it frightened me really bad (it made me very nervous after that) and I did not tell Mr. Age what had just occurred, because he had already informed me that he did not want to hear about how I was treated during the day as his assistant/Business Administrator. He would not have believed me, anyway. He never liked me to tell the truth about others actions towards me.

September 23, 2009 I came home after finally purchasing a car to better assist Mr. Age and the company I found a letter on my door stating (Notice of termination of Tenancy for 30 days) approximately 8pm. Of course this made me feel as though this was retaliation and I felt very discriminated and wished I would not have expressed my feelings about the way Marneta House (landlord and VP for ACE Realty and Lender for American Union) treated me. I was devastated and found out that the Smiths in the back unit received the same letter for 30 days. The family in the back unit resided less then a year April 2009 to December 2009.

September 23, 2009 Delisa Turner and I were going through the EMD payments that had been in the lock box for approximately two years without being returned to the clients. She tore up the Ernest money deposit checks, threw them in the garbage instead of returning them to potential clients that did or did not open Escrow with ACE Realty. I informed her that we should let the Broker/Cedric Age know what she was planning on doing, since the checks had not been returned to potential clients and Delisa Turner told me that the Broker did not need to know everything. I felt very uncomfortable at this statement, this was not the only incident that Delisa informed me on other occasions that she and the former Office Manager Vicky Schultz ran the Office and that Cedric Age did not know what he was doing.

The next morning September 24, 2009 the Real Estate Agent Delisa Turner came to me very abruptly without any kindness what so ever, she was extremely harsh asking me for the rest of the checks so she could destroy them, because Cedric Age asked her to get rid of them within 24 hours, I was not aware of this and I wanted to let Cedric Age know what she told me the day before, I tried to tell him on other occasions about the insubordinate actions of Delisa Turner and Ofelia Cabrera, but he did not want to hear it nor did he believe me.

Mr. Age told me one time that he trusted Ofelia and Delisa with his life and I did not want to burst his bubble and tell him that they were not to be fully trusted. I was hesitant to give them to her at first, but she was so forceful in her demeanor as though she was going to fight me or hit me if I did not comply with her request. I gave her the checks that we were sorting through from the previous day and after she walked off, the phone rung and the unlicensed lead consultant Ofelia called to ask me to help her find a location of a house on Map quest and I started crying uncontrollably on the phone while talking to Ofelia.

I was upset due to the numerous times of harassment that I had received from the Lender and her niece Delisa Turner (who admitted to ease dropping to my conversations on the phone) and the previous news the night before September 23, 2009, regarding the letter in my doorway (left by) Manager Cedric Age of ACE Realty on behalf of the owner Marneta House. In this letter was regarding the Notice of Tenancy from Marneta House Delsia Turner’s aunt stating that my 2 children and I had to leave in 30 days after I having resided in the house (937 E. Avenue Q6, Palmdale, CA 93550) for 1 year and half. Delisa came running over to ask what was the matter and I respected Cedric Age and Marneta House by not sharing my personal business with others on the job site, I thought she knew about what had happened and that she was taking away another job assignment that Mr. Age asked me to assist her with. This unusual request and behavior made me feel as though they were going to fire me next, after I was given the notice of tenancy for 30 days. When Delisa Turner asked me what was wrong I just assumed she was innocent and did not know that I had to leave my home and that I would be homeless. But I am sure she knew about it and my downsized position, because Cedric Age and Marneta House told her everything and they did not inform me a head of time as a Business Administrator.

I met with Cedric Age on Saturday, September 26, 2009 in his office, he told me that he had not ignored me two days previously. ACE Realty has been the Property Manager for the home I was residing in, I told Mr. Age that I had consulted with my lawyers regarding the Notice of Termination, and I had suffered at the hands of slumlords before, not insinuating that he was one in anyway (he just stopped taking care of the Manager’s duties and I felt that he had abandoned the property).

I just felt that I should have been treated a little differently as a tenant and a faithful employee. I preceded to ask Cedric Age (Manager for Marneta House) to revise the document (Notice of Termination) from 30 days to 60 days and Mr. Age informed me that he would revise it and I was absolutely entitled to this revision because of the length of time of my tenancy for over a year and a half. Mr. Age also stated that since I was an employee/ Business Administator that I would see the whole process of the Short sale for the next three months, which gave me assurance that I would still be employed the next three months. In addition, during the Saturday meeting September 26, 2009, Mr. Age stated that he would assist me in finding a place to live (this promise never occurred either).

Monday September 28, 2009 and Tuesday September 29, 2009, Cedric Age started acting very unusual towards me and I noticed he never made a comment about my car, which he tried to assist me in finding one the previous months. He ignored me, stopped sending me emails, and literally acted as if I did not exist and he did not need my assistance any more. Tuesday evening September 29, 2009, I asked him did he like my new car and he said, he did not notice it and just got in his van. ACE Realty’s parking lot was very small and all of the cars were very noticeable. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, Oh well, as to say I do not deserve to be treated like this, when I worked so hard to please this employer and my vehicle would have assisted the company and helped to accomplish much with the REO Properties. This was obvious that I was not needed any longer.

When I arrived early as usual to open up the Office and I forwarded an email to Mr. Age on Wednesday September 30, 2009. Cedric Age/ Manager arrived at worked at 10 am and asked for my flash drive to upload pictures for our new listing of REO properties that we had (which was not true). At 10:30am, Cedric Age asked me to come into the conference room to meet with Jessica Davy the accountant and HR Representative. Mr. Age asked Jessica and I to wait until he turned on the recorder of his Blackberry without my permission before we proceeded to have this meeting.

Jessica proceeded to state that my position had been dissolved (I never received any notice prior to this meeting), and that I was in good standing with the company. (I was totally shocked because of the previous meeting on Saturday September 26, 2009 and 4 days prior, I was assured that I would still be an employee).
I did not understand because in a meeting in August of 2009 Cedric Age/ Manager and my Employer told me that I would still assist him if the company moved and that I would still be a part of the team.

During this downsizing meeting, I asked about the revised Notice of Tenancy that Cedric Age promised 4 days earlier and he left the room to get this document and handed it to me with a 60 day notice. He also asked me did I want the other employees to say goodbye to me and I said know, I did not want to cry in front of them.

I also inquired during this layoff meeting, how was I going to find a job and 7 days prior I received a Notice of Tenancy? Now that I am no longer employed nor will I have a place to live. Cedric Age (my employer and Manager for Marneta) stated that I had 30 days to look for a job, because of the 30 day severance pay was my check that was owed to me from the previous two weeks and a $1400.00 that I received that was not the normal severance pay offer for an upper management position as a Business Administator, the company also gave me information regarding unemployment. I asked about my flash drive that Mr. Age requested earlier that morning and he said that he left it on my desk. As of August 20, 2010, I have not been able to find gainful permanent employment at this time.

When I went home to view my flash drive that Mr. Age requested to place pictures on.
All of my documents were removed including ACE Realty’s. Mr. Age could have shown me the courtesy by asking me to give him the documents, I went back to the Office, and he told me that he deleted all of my personal documents and ACE Realty’s. Caz the IT technician would have to find the information again. I stated, “that I know you did not delete the documents, you sent them to your computer.” He asked me what I had on the flash drive or documents. I informed him that I had my organizations documents and my IRS forms, and other personal items pertaining to my company. I know he is busy, but it is not fair to take my documents, especially the billing document that was regarding the illegal dwelling in the back unit that I was paying for. I paid the utilities (gas, electric and water) for an unregistered dwelling of a family that resided in the back unit (converted garage), I found out that the unit that I was renting was not registered with the City of Palmdale for rent either. I would not have mind doing this for this employer, because of my loyalty, but they started treating me unfairly. I only received $200.00 reimbursement from Marneta House/landlord regarding this matter from April 2009 to December 2009.

During this meeting Jessica asked me if I wanted to finish out the rest of the day, but I did not, because Jessica stood there and waited for me to get my items (intimidating for no apparent reason).
After this downsizing meeting, I was not allowed to finish out the day, nor collect all of my personal hard copies, time sheets, and other documents in a personal file that I kept. I did not have enough time to confirm if I left anything (because I left so abruptly without any warning or reason) I only told Mr. Age on Saturday September 26, 2009 that I inquired with my lawyers about the Notice of Tenancy that needed to be revised, I also feel as though I was discriminated against I did not mean to frighten him nor threaten him in any way, my intensions was not to have him retaliate against me. Later on that day September 30, Mr. Age sent me one document out of several that was on the flash drive that belonged to me.

I left several messages with Cedric Age and sent an email in October 1, 2009 and another date in October 2009 to Cedric Age and Jessica requesting that I needed another revised Notice of Tenancy, because the 2nd one (#2) he gave me was not correct either. I needed the date corrected for personal reasons in order to receive relocation money, because it was obvious they were not going to assist me with relocation monies, when by law I was supposed to receive the relocation money, due to the circumstances. In addition, I also reminded Mr. Age of events and reservations with the Chamber of Commerce that I normally scheduled for Mr. Age. I never received a response via email or voicemail. We had a verbal agreement that I could remind him of Chamber Events that were held in Palmdale, I felt so disrespected by leaving without showing Jessica or whoever was going to take my place the procedures and job duties that I performed. I was so concerned that Cedric Age would not have all the assistance he needed, especially with the REO properties.

October 1, 2009 I sent an email to remind Mr. Age of the Chamber meetings and informed him that he had a permament RSVP to attend all meetings for the next year as long as he did not miss any meetings without letting the Chamber know in advance. In addition, I reminded him that the October fest that ACE Realty and American Union had paid for a reserved booth was cancelled for October 17, 2009. And that ACE Realty would be receiving a check in the amount of $75.00 back from the Chamber, due to the cancellation of the event, but ACE Realty still had a booth reserved for the Holiday parade in Palmdale for $25.00 for December 12th, 2009. I felt obligated to remind him as a part of my loyalty to him and ACE Realty.

As a manager Mr. Age was great and represented ACE Realty very well, but after the merger with American Union and Marneta House came to visit the property 937 E. Avenue Q6, Palmdale, because we all worked late with the contractor one evening to renovate the Offices, Cedric Age and Marneta were taking me home before they went home one night. Cedric Age showed Marneta (owner and VP of ACE Realty) the vacant unit behind my home and the next week Marneta placed her friends from church in the illegal dwelling. Mr. Age never came over again to maintain maintenance.

The first week of October 2009, the tenants in the converted garage stated that their car was tampered with over night (a hand print was visible) and then Sharon and Robert Smith (661) 789-7449; Mr. Smith asked me if my car was okay. I checked my car and around the property and I noticed that my window that is attached to my kitchen door was tampered with. I called the police and made a report.

Property manager Cedric Age was contacted on the day of the report and called 3 days later to say we had a handle on the situation, but made no effort to neither check the window nor repair it. Just to mention I had a window located in the living room that was painted black for some unknown reason and was not operable (would not open), Mr. Age never repaired it nor explained to me as to why it was painted black), (see pictures) Sharon and Robert Smith were very loyal and went along with whatever Cedric Age and Marneta House did, it was okay with them that they had to leave.

As a result, 2 weeks later I saw a suspicious car in front of my home and left a message with Mr. Age on Saturday evening October 17, 2009 (I was frightened). Sunday, October 18, 2009 I left home for church 63 miles away and spent the night due to business and a doctor’s appointment out of the area ( I was wearing a hospital bracelet regarding a test conducted, Cedric Age noticed it). On Monday morning the Manager Cedric Age finally called and left a message at 9:42am that he heard that we had some problems on the property and he would go and check the compound. I was still in Los Angeles at the time. He never called me back to tell me what he discovered. I assumed Mr. Age was talking about the call that I made two days previously on Saturday evening about the suspicious car that sped off when I arrived home.

When I arrived home (24 hours later) at 3:42pm Monday, October 19, 2009, I was extremely upset that the glass from the kitchen window of the kitchen door was prompted up against the house neatly, not broken (as if it was preserved for some reason) a note from the Sheriff’s station was taped on the front door regarding a possible burglary with the police station number (see report). I called Mr. Age right away and he acted as though he could not hear me on the other end by saying, Hello, Hello, Hello!!!!! This made me even more upset, because I knew he could hear very plainly without any bad reception ( I just hung up the phone) I called the window company Healy’s glass company to come and repair it and I told Healy’s Glass that I used to work with ACE Realty and that I was still currently a tenant as well.

I called Mr. Age back and then he answered and said that I needed to speak with the tenants in the back unit regarding the recent incident that occurred 24 hours previously. I asked why didn’t he call be back and tell me what had happened, when he checked the property at 9am that morning, it was obvious that I did not know about the situation and that I was not at home. He did not reply with a definitive answer for me. While I was speaking with Mr. Age on the phone Sharon Smith (tenant that resided in the converted garage) pulled up in her rental car and said that she and her husband had called the police immediately the previous day at 2pm, because the window was out and the kitchen door was opened.

Cedric Age came over approximately 15 minutes later, I asked him again while crying, and why didn’t he call me? And he said that he didn’t know? Cedric Age placed the window back in the kitchen door without the police getting the fingerprints, then Healy’s glass pulled up. Cedric Age suggested that Healy’s glass place plywood over the window that was removed and tampered with. The glass man did not suggest it, nor did he repair the window from the previous attempted robbery. Healy’s glass placed nails in around the window to secure it. Mr. Age once again promised that he would give me a recommendation letter to assist me in finding a job. My computer and hard drive were stolen and several other items. Mr. Age acted surprised that the burglars took anything and then he asked me did I have renters insurance. I said no, just car insurance.

Cedric Age said that he took pictures of the missing window. I am not sure if he entered in my home while I was away after all of these mishaps. (I called Mr. Age regarding the pictures that he took of the window for the finger printer that was coming on Friday October 23, 2009, but of course he never responded to me as usual). I used to trust Cedric Age with great sincerity, but I was suspicious that Cedric Age had not shown more concern and that why the burglars were was so concerned about my computer. I wanted to accuse Cedric Age (Manager and employer) because he took my documents without telling me on September 30, 2009. He stated that he wondered why was all of this happening now, as I was as well. I thought the owner Marneta House and himself wanted to threaten me and make sure I left by December 1, 2009.

Cedric Age was in his gray van when the Sheriff pulled up after responding to my call 45 minutes earlier. Two guys in a black camaro pulled up to the front of my house as Mr. Age and I was talking at the car wash next door where he was parked and the Sheriff pulled up right behind the guys and they made a U-turn in the middle of the street. The Sheriff got the tag number of the camaro (see report). When Mr. Age saw the Sheriff he left in his gray van in the other direction instead of assisting me and informing them of what he saw that morning.

I also mentioned to Mr. Age before he left that the trees above the house needed to be cut from the wires and that I would go on the roof and do it myself, if he would not pay for it, I paid for the trees during the snow storm in 2008. He said that the next owners would take care of the trees, not considering the fire hazard and the safety codes of the City.

I was not satisfied with the results and the lack of concern that Cedric Age had for my children and me. The next day the glass company called and Mr. Age stated that he would have to ask the owner (Marneta House) to inquire whether she wanted to do about paying for the window. I should not have been responsible for any damages of a burglary and any rekeying for the safety of securing my home. I never received keys for the front bolt lock and side door that was burglarized, nor the back door before moving in April 4, 2008. The night my children arrived in an uhaul, we could not reach Mr. Age until 12 noon the next day. We were in the cold in front of the house waiting for his phone call.

Marneta of American Union/Pinnacle Mercantile Bank/ Bee Free Financial and MMC, LLC.
American Union layed off the only 2 employees (that I knew of in September 2009) Lynette Mercado and Valerie Palermo in January or February because Pinnacle Mercantile supposedly had bought American Union and changed the name to Pinnacle Mercantile, two weeks later Valerie Palermo was rehired, a gentlemen, Keisha and Joanna were hired. Lynette Mercado is not there. The name of the company now is Bee Free Financial and MMC, LLC. The corporate Office of American Union was formally located on Bristol in Costa Mesa, CA no longer exist as of February 2010, but the recent website has the Chairman David Villarreal and the address is 210 S. Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105. Phone number is 1-800-980-3254. David Villareal worked for Pacific Mercantile not Pinnacle Mercantile and is no longer an employee there. I called and left several messages for David and he never returned my phone call.

Marneta House’s physical office address 38414 Division Street, Palmdale, CA 93550. Phone number is 661-526-6544, American Union moved from 445 W. Palmdale Blvd. #E, Palmdale, CA in March 2009.

Marneta would conduct meetings for ACE Realty and promised clients that attended the Pontzilan Square Palmdale Chamber event (outside doors booth) to give them a free phone for a drawing during the Straight Talk Seminars in July and August 2009, this was fraud to factum and totally false and she never did mention anything about the ACN phones when the potential clients arrived at the meetings that were conducted only at the American Union Financial Office on 3rd Saturday’s.
ACE Realty and American Union did not keep promises to clients, lack of communication with clients, phone calls not returned in a timely manner.

Marneta House of American Union Financial challenged me not to upload the list of clients that attended the Pontzilan Square and Antelope Valley Fair in the database with current clients that ACE Realty and American Union collected. I was responsible for uploading clients in the Top Producer 8i database for ACE Realty, she would not give me a copy of the spread sheet that I created for both companies, she was very agile and abrupt with me by hitting the spread sheet that was located on her office desk (rude and aggressive) not giving me the information. She only wanted the information to be uploaded into American Union Financial database which is called the Point System that was promised in 2008 to be networked with ACE Realty’s computer System. This networking data was never implemented between the two companies. Cedric Age instructed me to upload the spread sheet into the Top Producer on another occasion, I did not argue with her because I was tired of the contention.

Marneta of American Union would always interrupt my meetings when Cedric Age was away, once I had a meeting with a licensed contractor that drove one and half hours to meet with me (Cedric Age was aware of this meeting, but forgot). Marneta interrupted this meeting, after ease dropping from the kitchen and asked me who was the contractor (in front of him) and then proceeded to ask for his card. Then Marneta of American Union stated that she was familiar and had received his card else where as to belittle this contractor that was trying to assist ACE Realty with our REO properties that Cedric Age asked me to meet with. Marneta called Cedric Age while he was meeting with a client in town again without the facts and Cedric Age called me and asked me was everything okay, which was very unusual, he had never called just to ask was everything okay and not consult with me regarding any business details.

Once, I had another visit by a licensed contractor regarding an invoice that he had on his laptop that was not compatible to my laptop that needed to be paid by the bank immediately, this contractor placed his laptop on the open window ledge that Marneta implemented without a window and respecting my position with Mr. Age’s confidential material and consulting me first.
Most of all she complained about the laptop being in the window (he did not have any other accessible way to connect to my printer that was located next to the open ledge). (I felt this was a very unnecessary complaint and a waste my valuable time) Marneta of American Union asked me an employee of ACE Realty what was the contractor doing for the company and if he was referring anyone else to us for Business, I did not understand the question and felt very harassed at a very selfish question. The contractors assisted us in maintaining the preservation of the REO properties and then we would sell the REO properties for commission after the closing of Escrows.

Marneta called Cedric Age immediately to tell him that I was not calling a lead list that she had provided for the employees to call amongst our other duties. I was working on REO materials that the Asset Managers were waiting for. Cedric Age always stated that the Asset Managers came first. Cedric Age called me and told me to give Marneta 110 % of my cooperation, again he listened to other people without showing me the respect that I deserved by asking me what had happened, she was always right and I was wrong no matter what the situation was. He would not have listened to me. Therefore, I just replied without standing up for myself by saying, “ I will.” Even though Marneta was totally out of character and out of line. I went to Marneta to confront her about what took place regarding the contractor/vendor that was giving me the invoice that the Asset Manager was requesting, and that I had to send this information in a timely manner for compliance regulations. In addition, I stated that by her calling Mr. Age regarding something that was not correct or out of the ordinary in her eyes. Marneta of American Union was not aware of Cedric Age and my procedures with the REO Properties.

I told Marneta that by her calling Cedric Age and telling him that I was not cooperating with her by placing her list first before the Asset Managers, that she could get me fired and she looked downed without a response whatsoever and started shuffling papers around and ignored what I said, she never showed me the courtesy by looking up at me nor apologizing to me for what she did, by calling Cedric Age for no apparent reason. She just said she is trying to get the job done by any means necessary. She always made unnecessary calls to him when he was away and he would call me and believe everything she said, of course. Marneta has called him on several occasions disrespecting my position as a Business Administrator and asking Delisa Turner her niece to perform my duties.

Marneta always destroyed and tore down things I did. She would publicly in meetings ask me to do something and state that I could assist others, because I was just sitting there. Which was not true, but I was always busy working and calling the banks, vendors, contractors for REO Properties, Canon copier repair, Fed Ex, Biz fon repair. ATT repair, and performing other Office duties.
Marneta would give me other assignments in front of the other employees in these weekly meetings and then she would later take the assignment away from me, as to set me up for failure. Because I had other job duties to perform successfully.

Cedric Age finally called me and made contact November 11, 2009, and asked me for the rent payment for Marneta House (the owner of the property) where I was residing until December 1, 2009. He also asked me had if I found a job yet and that he would assist me in any way by giving me a letter of recommendation and I said yes, Cedric Age also stated, that I needed to give Marneta something in writing about not having the rent yet. And I said I was working on that request

My lawyer sent Cedric Age on November 12, 2009 requesting my documents that I needed that were transferred to his computer September 30, 2009 deceitfully by him. The lawyers requested that ACE Realty return:
1) My daughters college essays
2) Church documents
3) Corporation documents for my organization
4) Personal IRS forms for my corporation
5) All employment documents signed by me on the first day hired
6) Personal utility bills for my unit and illegal dwelling utility bills that I paid for and was never reimbursed for the double billing of the converted garage.
7) Any other items that belonged to me (hard copy and computerized).
8) My last paycheck stub (requested via email February 20, 2009)

I recalled that on one occasion Mr. Age told me he cleaned my flash drive up and I noticed that some of my documents were missing.

Cedric Age called me at 9:30am on November 19, 2009 and asked me would I like to have coffee, we met and had coffee and cake. Cedric Age said that he usually had his lawyers respond to other people that he received letters from, but he wanted to look me in my eyes and tell me not to do this (meaning not to take him to court). I was very intimidated and felt threatened by this remark, he knew how afraid I was of him and intimidated by his wife Marneta’s retaliations. Mr. Age stated that he was disappointed because we were friends as well as he being my former boss, and that friends do not send letters from lawyers and he asked me was I trying to take him to court and I said “no” of course (feeling very very very frightened by him). He also told me that he did not tell Delisa Turner or Ofelia that I sent a letter from the lawyer, because they would hate me.
I told Mr. Age that I was only trying to defend myself and that I had no one to stand up for me.

Once again, I felt very intimidated and discriminated by blowing the whistle on this person.

Mr. Age told me on November 19, 2009 at our meeting regarding the letter from the lawyer, Mr. Age stated that Jessica Davy asked him would he consider rehiring me and he said, Cedric Age told Jessica yes because that it would be hard to retrain anyone else because of the different banks that we were associated and connected with. By this statement, this made me think that he would hire me again in the future

My lawyer sent a letter to Marneta House ( my landlord and VP for ACE Realty) on November 18, 2009 and December 18, 2009 regarding the unregistered rental dwelling that I resided in for a year and a half with the following request:
• I requested to be paid back to me the rent that I paid for the unpermitted unit that I resided in for a year and a half on the property ( the front house) (I do not expect anyone to pay me back any money, because of this economy, I just want to let Mr. Age and Ms. House know that it is wrong to take advantage of others.) In addition, at the request of the Lawyers that I be paid back the utility bills that I paid for the unpermitted dwelling from April 2009 to December 2009.
• My deposit of $900.00 (that was paid by Beyond Shelter in March of 2008) be sufficient payment for October 1, 2009 to December 1, 2009, in addition partial payment of rent owed for October 2009 to December 2009. (see letter from Marneta)

• In addition, due to no relocation monies provided to me. I was contacted on November 11, 2009 by the acting manager Cedric Age, regarding will I be paying rent or if not send something in writing to Marneta, he also asked me if I was scheduled to move out on December 1, 2009 with no where to go at this time, I said yes.
• Under the law, I should not have been forced to share the same mailbox with the other tenants in the other illegal dwelling I was entitled to have a private mailbox. I was promised that a mailbox would be provided by the property Manager Cedric Age (my employer as well). After no results and speaking with the Post Office who told that it was only on address that was a part of the county tax assessors. I had to travel 63 miles go get my mail since May 2009. This has delayed supplemental income that I was entitled too, since my employment was dissolved and downsized.

The reason two letters were sent to Marneta House was due to meeting with Cedric Age at the Office on December 3, 2009 and he said that Marneta nor did he receive the letter that was sent November 18, 2009. Another letter was sent on December 18, 2009 to the their Office and home address, due to Marneta House throwing mail in the garbage.


December 4, 2009 Cedric Age (manager and employer) came to confirm if I was leaving the property and that he would prepare a letter for me to sign since it was the forth of December, 2009 to ensure that I left on December 7, 2009.

December 7, 2009 I met with Cedric Age at the property to turn in the key and I wanted to mention that I still needed the documents that the lawyers requested and tell him other things pertaining to the business, but he was in a hurry to leave. We had a verbal agreement that the clients that came in the Office that needed a place to rent; he would refer them to me now that I was an apartment manager.

Evidently and totally obvious Cedric Age was only being kind to me until I gave him the key to the property 937 Avenue Q6, Palmdale, CA. December 7, 2009 in order to manipulate me and get me not to follow through with any legal preceedings and not to report this information to Fair employment and Fair housing department. Because I was living in an illegal dwelling for a year and half.

December 8, 2009 I took flowers as a thank you gesture to Cedric Age and Marneta House out of the kindness of my heart for renting to my family and me in April 2008.

December 11, 2009 I took the reminder for the Holiday parade to the Office and left the flyer with Ofelia Cabrera (unlicensed consultant) to give to Mr. Age when he arrived.

Approximately 15 minutes later on December 11, 2009 I saw Mr. Age at the property 937 E. Avenue Q6, Palmdale, CA 93550, that I used to rent from Marneta House and when he saw me he looked unhappy for some unknown reason, I informed him I went to the Office to drop off the flyer regarding the Chamber event and reservation that was scheduled on the next day December 12, 2009. He said thank you, and wished my family and me a Happy Holiday and walked away with the garbage cans that I placed out for him because my trash from moving was inside them and he did not know what day the garbage was collected. He called me back and asked why did I leave so quickly on the voicemail. I sent the attached email without checking my messages first and understanding his facial expressions.

December 11, 12, and 14 2009 I called Mr. Age to confirm the reservation and ask for Delisa’s number regarding the set up for the booth for the Holiday parade that she personally requested that I confirm the time of the set up on December 11th for Future Age Enterprise’s dba ACE Realty. Cedric Age never called me back to give me Delisa’s number, I forgot he never answers his phone on the weekend whether it is urgent or not. I called also to ask him for assistance for the neighbors that resided in the converted garage in the back, the family did not have a place to live as they stated, they departed on December 5, 2009 with no place to go Sharon Smith 661-714-5303 ( this family was supposed to be close to Cedri Age and Marneta) I called on December 14, 2009 to let him know that the gas company needed access to get in the gate to read the meter. I could not tell them the combination. I informed him that it was urgent. I needed this information taken care out of my name get the gas placed in his name.

December 15, 2009 I received an email at 1:30pm from Mr. Age, stating that he could not accommodate my request and me asked me and not to contact him anymore. I was very disappointed and I was very intimidated once again. The gas company changed the information and was finally able to enter the property on January 20, 2010 and I had information regarding a business opportunity that he had asked me to get for him regarding a radio station advertisement in Inglewood, CA. I thought Mr. Age would care enough to help their friends, I called him on Saturday December 12, 2009 and told him the present status of the Smith’s, but he never returned the phone call, since he asked me not to contact him anymore and I complied with his request.

Delisa Turner (licensed agent and niece of Marneta and Cedric) called me on my cell approximately 15 minutes after Cedric Age called me to ask me about the booth reservation for the next day December 12, 2009. Delisa was in a meeting with Marneta at the same time that I brought in the flyer regarding this annual event that haned to Ofelia Cabrera. Delisa stated during our conversation that Marneta wanted to start a campaign or assignment to get leads for marketing purposes (that I was assigned initially when asked to work in June 2008). Delisa said she was glad to hear from me and that I came by to leave the information for the Office. She stated that she did not get the reminder from the Chamber of Commerce that was sent regarding the Holiday parade on December 12, 2009. I said maybe Jessica Davy (book keeper) received the mail reminder and Delisa said “No”, that she was opening the mail now (one of my duties that I was assigned as a Business Administrator). I witnessed on one occasion in September 2009, I wondered why we (ACE Realty) had not received the mail at such a late hour and went Marneta Office and she had both Offices mail correspondences for some reason and Marneta would not give me ACE Realty’s mail to sort, but said she would sort through it for ACE Realty ( I always checked for bills to close our REO accounts) while she was opening the mail, I looked down in the garbage and noticed an important piece of mail that belonged to ACE Realty that Marneta threw in her waste basket at American Union Financial Office. I am not sure what other pieces were placed in the garbage on other occasions.

March 2009 Cedric Age told me to give my rent directly to Marneta House now that her Office was merged with ACE Realty.
During the renovation of ACE Realty to accommodate American Union Financial for Department of Real Estate regulations (no one ever came by to approve the renovation between these two different entities). I stayed late at night so Cedric Age and Marneta House could go home together, I took cabs home, bus or walked (completely my decision, of course). I did not mind assisting Cedric Age, on one occasion Cedric Age and I were moving furniture and Marneta asked me to move and that she had it, Cedric Age told Marneta to let me assist her. (I told Mr. Age that night that she was going to be intimidated by me being his assistant), I was very capable of holding the file cabinet in place while he pulled it on the dolly.
Once again, Ms. House was not allowing me to do my job with peace to assist Cedric Age. On one occasion Mr. Age had copies on the copier, she would collect the copies when I was present to do so at the time, he usually collected his own copies, but if it was pertaining to something that we were working on, I would collect it.

I would gladly cover for Cedric Age when people would come into the Office to serve him court orders from the District Attorney. I would take the blame even when it was not my fault. Once Mr. Age called Delisa Turner in his Office not me, when a client Ismael Tovar came to the Office, because Ofelia Cabrera (Mr. Age’s unlicensed consultant who acted as an agent full time and overtime) dodged Ismael Tovar and Isamael’s wife about an Escrow deposit that was non refundable via a real estate clause that was signed by Ismael (see attachment). I was well aware of this matter not Delisa Turner, because I assisted Ofelia when she was out of the Office and when Mr. Age was out of the Office. The Escrow Officer stated that Ismael Tovar would not get the $1000.00 back because of the signed clause document. Delisa came to me at the request of Cedric Age to ask me for a check that I was suppose to have written a week ago for Ismael Tovar that absolutely did not exist. I asked Delisa was I supposed to play along with this matter without any forewarning. This time I could not take the blame for someone else’s mistake and promises that were not kept by Ofelia and Mr. Age who was dodging this couple. Mr. Age was gracious enough to give Mr. Tovar a check any way, even though the clause was signed by the potential clients. Mr. Age would go out of his way to help others and it was very appreciated. Remember, I was on a need to know basis and that was always a problem. Because when I needed to know, I would look foolish in front of others, because of lack of training.

Delisa Turner
Delisa asked for my flash drive also, upon the request of Cedric Age in September 2009. I had very personal items that pertained to the letter that I sent to Marneta House, which never occurred since the first day of employment. I was always challenged with Delisa Turner the Real Estate agent trying to do my job, because she used to perform my duties I was assigned by Cedric Age. Mrs. Turner is the neice of Cedric Age and Marneta House (Broker and Lender for American Union).

Marneta House always asked Delisa Turner to create the Marketing material that Mr. Age hired me to do, on one occasion Saturday in August, Mr. Age and Marneta was scheduled to have a Seminar at a church and he asked me to forward the flyer that Delisa sent to me to. I looked at the flyer and noticed several grammatical errors; Mr. Age noticed it too and asked me to correct it. I respected Delisa and told her that I found a couple of items that needed to be reworded and that we all need a second eye when it comes to certain documents. (That is the way I was and always tried to assist even though I was very offended at times by Marneta’s request).

I stayed until 9:30pm on the next Saturday evening, placing documents regarding this seminar and I placed labels and other items regarding ACE Realty and American Union Financial in Manilla envelopes. On Monday I found some of the material at the Office, Mr. Age thanked me and Marneta said that she took the labels regarding ACE Realty.

On the website Cedric Age never placed me as the Business Administrator although I had been there for over a year, he revised the website and kept Delisa Turner as the Office Coordinator. All the listings that are on the website are no longer current (false advertisement).

Cedric Age asked me to set up the REO files differently then the standard files, because of all the materials, invoices, billing, cash for keys, correspondences from Asset Managers, Escrow Officers and New listing agreements. Delisa Turner would complain about the way the file was set up, but she did not have a better solution (just pointing fingers at us). Because she wanted to perform my duties, instead. I was asked to keep status of all the employees at the request of Marneta (American Union), but when Delisa and the other employees from ACE Realty and American Union had to report to me daily, they complained to Cedric Age and he went along with it, without informing me of their conversations as usual. I was still sending out the status without being privy of the changes to what the staff had discussed.

Ofelia Cabrera, an unlicensed Lead consultant that types and opens contracts, sends contracts to other brokers/agents without Cedric Age being present for 6 years. Ofelia stated that Delisa was Cedric Age’s niece and that he would always believe her and take her side whether it was the truth or not. Ofelia was aware of Delisa’s lies as well. But would not admit it, because they frequently covered for each other’s faults (right or wrong). Ofelia is bilingual and a very close friend to Marneta House and Cedric Age, she travels etc…. with them for leisure. Ofelia is an excellent salesperson.

She avoided clients sometimes, but took clients out to show houses and uses the Real Estate company’s license key made by Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors for licensed agents only. She also opens and closes Escrows and gets commission for these procedures.

Ofelia was so favored that when I would tell him everything that she did that was insubordinate and against his policies, he would tell me to be quiet, I took it to mean he was okay with her not complying with the Real Estate laws. She told several lies daily to make herself look good in Cedric Ages eyes. She would do duties that were assigned to me as well. When Cedric and Marneta were away out of the Country they would not respect me as the Business Administrator and ask me what took place in the Office, they would ask Ofelia and Delisa who was never in the Office when they went out of the country frequently.

One Saturday in August 2009 Ofelia and I were talking and I mentioned how I felt because I knew Mr. Age did not have the time of day. Everything I shared with her she went directly to Marneta and Cedric Age to tell them what I said on Monday. I knew she would tell him, because earlier that morning I told him that I needed to speak with him and he said he would talk, but 5 minutes earlier he said that he had to attend the ASN meeting in Fresno with Marneta, his time was limited as usual. So I spoke with Ofelia and she informed me that what I said would be confidential, but she lied as usual.

As a Business Administrator, I settled for less with an inadequate computer laptop for one year and a half. I did not complain, because I wanted to help save the company money. Delisa and Ofelia had desktop computers. When I initially started, I had a desktop computer of Marneta and Cedric Age’s son Ryan Ferguson, who took my position when I left. This computer crashed in 2008.

Cedric Age would give me assignments and I would be still working on the assignment. He would tell others that I