Maria Cejeda – suggesting fraud!

by Alisa on December 12, 2013

Company Name:: Century 21

I had a contract with Marias client for short sale written back in March 2012 with an option that I could walk away after June 22nd. The whole process took longer than that, she was asking me to give her more time and in the middle of July she informed me that short sale is approved but her client needs to pay $1500 and asked me to help him with that so we can “speed up the process”. I agreed to pay 1/3 of that amount because I was tired of waiting and then she came with request to let her “clients family” stay in the property for two months after closing. I wanted to move in and HOA rules were clear on renting matter saying that I can not rent the property if I wasn’t living there for at least 12 months. I said firmly no, and after explaining that to Mrs. Cejeda, she said “Oh, how they (HOA) will know?” I was stunned by that and I thought whole renting thing was behind us since the next day I got confirmations from attorneys that closing will be scheduled next week, but 4 days before actual closing Mrs. Cejeda gave me ultimatum that if I do not let her clients stay at the property, they will not sign closing papers. I was shocked by that, mostly because her client and agent signed Affidavit of arm’s length stating he will vacant property immediately after closing and by making me let them stay I would be breaking the law. I couldn’t believe that was happening, I was waiting whole 4 months, did everything on my part, even agreed to help her client with his debt, and she at the end made me cancel the deal because I didn’t want to be part of her illegal activities. If you should ever find yourself in a position to do business with Maria Cejeda, use my experience and run far and fast. The only thing that I have learned during this whole process is how shady someone could be in the real estate industry.

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