Milica Zegarac

by Ryan Cain on March 30, 2012

Company Name:: Get Realty Inc.

Hands down worst renting and leasing experience of my life, this is after 5 years of renting and leasing in Chicago, IL. Milica displayed a lack of professional courtesy, professional competency, and professional conduct during our entire process with her. Every meeting she was late and unprepared, made us wait while she threw together paperwork, requested we meet her in her home and drive her to other meetings, became frustrated and exasperated with us for asking simple questions. There was a significant lack of communication between her, myself, my 2 other roommates, and the landlords, she would often not answer our calls, tell us to call back, ignore our emails, or give vague and insulting email responses to stall for time. We are on the street for 15 days now before we can move in because she failed to notify and get confirmation from the current tenant that we were leaving, but that didn’t stop her from having us sign a lease and depositing our checks, then waiting 7 days to tell us that not only was the lease not signed and invalid, but we could not live there until the 15th of the next month. Cost ourselves and the landlords a great deal of money. Do not seek her services. I researched after the process began, stupid move on my part to wait that long. Listed as the worst realtor in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago, IL. Buyer beware.

This post was submitted by Ryan Cain.

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