by Cass Adams on May 31, 2011

Ya i live behind the cooler night club in lloydminster , ab ( 6608-42 ave )….The club is 50 yards from a large condo building 50 units or so… Every Thurs,Fri, and Saturday at 10 pm to 2:30 am the loud music can be heard and felt inside the condo…oh and some times wednesdasy nights….You have to wear ear plugs or you’ll get no sleep and even with ear plugs you still feel the bass vibrate w2hen you lay in beg…. The town of idiots allowed this kinda of zoning, what clueless by-law people allowed a night club 50 yards away from a highly populated residential area. Gone to the police, gone to the town by-law offfice and nothing gets done…. 4 days each and every week after 10 pm your life is hell, not to mention the noise out side when the place closes. Forget about having your windows open – might as well got to the club and drink each night till 2:30 am, kinda really suck when you have to work in the morning.
There are units up for sale in the building poor bastards that don’t know about this and will buy a unit, personally i would sue the realtor if they did tell about the noise.

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JENNY May 31, 2011 at 4:04 pm

LOL I know what you mean, I can hear the guy next to me snoring, thats how good the insulation in the wall is or maybe there is no insulation, you can hear eveybody in the bathrooms ever fart and flush LOL. These condo’s are so cheaply made, they should be sound proofed, for what you pay they should be totally quiet residences, but there not. The entrance doors to each condo unit are metal and hollow you can hear eveything in the hall ways…. POS I’m trying relocate – had enough!!!

carl J May 31, 2011 at 4:12 pm

LORD finaly a post on this condo building- i hate lloydminster, i rent at this location and yes that cooler night club should be shut down or moved…. The doors suck, i play the TV all the time so you can’t hear my conversations in the hallway. I live on the top floor i don’t hear the flushing hahaha

law student June 1, 2011 at 7:06 am

Not sure about canadian laws but in the USA we have had many cases where the new purchaser was not told about noise and other simular issues…I’m sure the canadian judges would not be much different than here in the USA. Any way the purchaser sued the realtor/owner for not disclosing the noise next to the propertly. The buyer was refunded the purchase price and all moving expense…. If you plan to get out of the ‘POS’ as you say be careful to disclose all conditions or you might have a much bigger problem, especially if there have been noise complaints filed with the city and police department.