Poor Property Management

by john Egbert on December 1, 2009

Company Name:: Keller Williams McKenna Team

I am the homeowner. I listed with KELLER WILLIAMS MCKENNA TEAM in Las Vegas, NV.Was told I was renting to “an older couple and a labrador.” Found out I was renting to 7 people and a pitbull(once I finally went to her office to get the contract). I was constantly told what I wanted to hear. Turns out the tennant was constantly lied to as well. She termintated contract and kept 12 months of her commision after 2 months of poor managment and lack of due dilegence on the contract in the first place (didnt notice that the tenant had changed it before Realtor signed it). Currently seeking legal assistance… Just hate to see anyone else delt with in the same manner. Dont trust ANY realtor without doing your homework!!!

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