Racial Discrimination along with faults HOA fees and lien on my property

by Steven Louis Carter on August 14, 2015

Company Name:: Dana Point

I went to court with my HOA & board members regarding use of my property as vacation rental. The court mediated the penalties on 4/24/14. They use automation CC&R violations for over a year. They did the same tactic, a use of automated CC&R violations around 2002 to 2004 that also ended up in a court decision of much less penalties. Now I suppose to have a Lien put on my property because of back Hoa due delinquent. After our 4/24/14 court decision I request a separate billing of my current HOA dues balance from the violation amount that was reduced and I had paid the agreed $500.00 within 30 days of court decision. I had send many letter requesting my current HOA amount due from the continue violation charges on my account so I can see my payments going to the current due amount. I told them that I was not going to pay monthly until I received a separate billing which I finally got late February 2014 along with a notice of intent to file assessment lien….on the amount that I had owe $3045.00….$265.00 per month .I started back making payments March 20014. of $400 each month for the past 5 months which they accepted. They hired a debt collection company S.B.S Lien Services around March 2015…now they have my current balance up to $4,700.00 now charging me $25.00 check payment charges and other charge I think is illegal practices. The letter dated January 28, 2015 had a new CC&R violation…$100 that was later corrected in March when I had ask for another accounting report of my current debt which was 2,715. While going through accounting correction on my balance due…they was going through the process of putting a lien on my property. The S.B.S> Lien Services did not verify if the accounting was accurate. This is another way of them trying to discourage my ownership in the community. I wrote letters trying to discuss paying the debt owe, but not all the extra fees under a payment plan or one lump sum of $2000.00….I got my credit report and don’t see any lien on the property but they are now threating to foreclosure on my property…Is there anything that can be done about this malice act?

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