Realtor screws up appointments, is rude, and incompetent, but won’t let us out of our contract.

by chris on April 11, 2011

Company Name:: One Percent Realty

We originally listed our property With Barb Flesher on Feb 22nd. We cancelled
our listing with Barbara Flesher on Mar. 11 / 2011. She was very rude and my
wife was really uncomfortable dealing with her, as she told us there was an
offer, but we never received any offers, after 2 and 1/2 weeks of almost daily
showings, and multiple showings with the same clients. Even when my wife was
feeling very ill, Barbara said ‘so what, we need to sell the house!’. On Mar
12th / 2011, I noticed that the listing sign on our property was gone, so I
assumed she cancelled the listing. She never once called me, texted me, or
emailed me confirmation that the listing would be cancelled, which is very
unprofessional. Today (Mar 22 / 2011), I saw a couple drive by the front and
back of our property. They said they saw the property on the internet and were
going to call the agent. I was shocked, and I checked online, and the listing
was still up over 11 days later. So, the fact that we did tell Barbara to cancel
the listing, and she never did, and never did contact us again since Mar 11 /
2011, shows misrepresentation and fraud on her part.

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