Refusal of Board to refund Unearned Dues

by C J Hughes on April 12, 2013

Company Name:: New Smyrna Beach Board of Realty

The New Smyrna Beach Board of Realtors functions like a true Monopoly, as they allow many to pay dues ($530.00/yr), but once one familiarizes one self of the dictatoral “Rules & Regfulations,” one finds they approach the “Dark Ages.”
As a member of the MLS, we were forced to look up our own inoice, find in 2012/2013 dues rose by 25%, the usual quarterly billing has evaporated in favor of Pay All of 2013 befor 12/31/2012, or lose priviledges?
We paid 12/27/2012-Resigned 2/25/2013. We had our dues STOLEN FROM US by 3/28/2013, as allowed by “The Stools & Stagulations.” The entire board evidently supports stealing money from its membership?

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