Robb Moss – Virginia Realty and Relocation – Do not sell if they are on the other side!

by Sheldon Maguire on July 21, 2012

If you are in Richmond, VA and you get an offer on your house from Robb Moss of Virginia Realty and Relocation beware. Be ready for wave after wave of misrepresentation and accussations followed by delays caused by non-responsiveness. Expect an amatuer home inspection follow by them asking to have EVERY item completed. Even the ones highlighted by someone who obviously knows nothing of residential construction. You can hear how the air handler is original and will need replaced in a couple of years. The one you replaced last year! Expect to e asked to do things that were clearly lined out in the contract. Be ready to be accused not performing work that you had a reputable company perform. Main theme here, they will be looking to get more money out of you after the agreed terms. Definitely, don’t get in a rent back agreement. The deposit you have held. The one that is generally returned unless you caused damage. While they will try for that too by listing silly things that are totally false. Unless you like conflict, let their offer go by. You will do much better dealing with a reputable realtor who isn’t just grubbing for money.

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