rude and unprofessional conduct on several occassions

by sally song on February 18, 2016

Company Name:: okanagan choice realty

i was serious to buy a house in 2013, i found a house i am very interested in, i called the realtor Sam Morgan. because on his web site. he said very good. after met him person. totally different. he told me he only agent over million dollar house. not interested in showing me house less than that i want to buy. very bad attitude, very rude to refuse to help me. when he showed me one house . he spent half the time talking on the phone.

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Sam Morgan March 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm

This post is a total lie! I tried to help Sally Song but she was trying to buy homes that she could not afford and wanted to write offers that were a $100,000 less than the asking price. I told her that I was a one man office and could not spend my time trying to help her buy homes she could not afford to buy. I also told her that I was working with several clients already when she called me but she expected me to drop my clients when ever she called and rush over to show her a house she could not afford to buy.