SCAM ALERT: Scott Veerkamp

by Jim Bruggenschmidt on November 13, 2013

Company Name:: Scott Veerkamp Real Estate

Scott displayed an “OPEN HOUSES” link on the front page of his website in 2004. This is the same year I purchased the property listed with REMAX Central.

Obviously, Scott used the OPEN HOUSES link as a tool for deceiving the public. In my case, he had no intention of conducting an open house.
When comparing the 2004 website to his current website, you may have noticed the REMAX brand name is missing on his current site.

Apparently, REMAX does not want to have their name associated with Scott Veerkamp when he discusses his work experience in the real estate industry.
Please note: Scott refused to drive (one block) to conduct an open house on the Eaton Court property…

Download Open_house_bait_and_switch.pdf

This post was submitted by Jim Bruggenschmidt.

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