Sylvia Hogeveen

by Chantal Lovell on October 15, 2011

Company Name:: Keller Williams VIP

I signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with my agent and the sellers their agent Sylvia Hogeveen on October 14th at 2:45pm. Within our agreement, there was no clause stating that if the sellers were unable to obtain another home, the agreement was invalid. At this point, the sellers had signed their own Agreement of Purchase and Sale with their agent for another home they intended to purchase.

On October 15th, I received a phone call from my agent in the morning, stating that while the agreement I had signed was fully legal, the contract the sellers had signed for the property they had purchased was not legally binding. Their agent had not filled out the document properly, and another buyer had made their own offer on the house and purchased the house legally. Because the sellers we were purchasing a house from were unable to get the house they wanted because their agent Sylvia Hogeveen did not review the contract properly, they now refuse to sell their house to us. We tried to reason with the sellers, extended the closing date, etc, but they are so disappointed with their realtor that now they refuse to sell. While legally we could pursue them, we would be pushing the sellers out of their home, which is unfair considering this was no fault of their own.

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Chantal Lovell February 3, 2012 at 5:21 pm

As an update, I received a reply from the RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) in response to what happened above, and upon review of the case they have issued her a warning that is now permanently on her record.