Unethical behavior

by Robin Lovins on May 3, 2011

Company Name:: Glenn Zink, Keller Williams

I am writing this to inform people of realtor Glenn Zink. He wrote up a contract with my sister and her fiance for a lease to buy option. All 3 signed the contract and he accepted their security deposit and first month’s rent. Now his wife is the second owner on this house and he conveniently failed to alert my sister and her fiance that they both have to agree on the contract and his wife accepted another offer and completely pulled the rug out from under my sister. They had already paid to have inspections done on the house and when asked to be reimbursed because of their failure to commit, they basically said shove off. They conducted business in a highly unethical and extremely unprofessional manner. Be aware if you come across a real estate listing by the real agent named Glenn Zink with Keller Williams. He will not be totally honest with you.

This post was submitted by Robin Lovins.

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