Unethical Behavior

by Peter Kopinski on June 26, 2013

Company Name:: Century 21 Brookshire

My offer was accepted, but because it was a rehab getting the financing took a few days longer than our closing date. The selling bank offered an extension, but Randy Brookshire didn’t give it to us until 34 minutes before it was due. We returned it the same day only to find out 3 days later that he had re-listed it and accepted an offer from his office so he could get both sides of the commission. He than told us we couldn’t make another offer because it was already pending, but we found out later it wasn’t pending for another week. This left my family without a house and cost me several thousand dollars. I called and emailed to try to get an explanation, but he would not speak to me. I advise that you never give this office your business and steer clear of Randy Brookshire.

This post was submitted by Peter Kopinski.

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