Unethical Behavior

by j9005j on August 12, 2013

Company Name:: First Weber

Laura Shively, the listed agent of the property 2 Chautauqua Trail Madison WI 53719 did not disclose the basement flood. Laura was our buyer agent too. I got a letter saying that the basement flood was not disclosed in my mailbox right after the home inspection. I found out that the insurance company issued an actual cash value of $9645.08 for water damage. Laura said it was because of sump pump failure. There are no receipts or reports to prove the basement was taken care of by professionals. There are no proofs to show the problem was due to sump pump failure. The landscape around the house was restructured in 2007.

If they disclosed the basement flood, I would not enroll in this house purchasing. The reason I tried to move out my current rental house was due to basement and roof leaking, and then the house grew mold.

Laura Shively stated that the siding was updated in 2006 in the flyer provided to the customer.

The house got hail damage in 2006. The roof was not replaced. The siding still has tons of dents from hail damage.

Laura was present while the home inspector inspected the house. We have two witnesses who can prove that Laura tried to mislead our home inspector. Even our home inspector, Harry, denied that he was threatened by Laura. The first home inspection report didn’t mention that the roof got hail damage. I insisted on adding the hail damage pictures to the report and to describe the true condition. However, Harry just added a picture of one aluminum air vent with hail damage dents and mentioned cosmetic problem. After I asked again, Harry provided me a 3rd version home inspection report with the hail damage pictures. But he also declared that the buyer agent (Dual agent Laura Shively) stated that the seller had insurance inspect the roof. The insurance company made a decision to replace the siding but didn’t find enough damage to warranty the roof replacement. In the email o me from Laura, she wrote “both the inspector and the insurance company have looked at the roof and said it is fine”.

The insurance company issued an actual cash value of $15,635.16 for the hail damage including the siding and the roof which means Laura told a lie.

I HAD FOUR LICENSED ROOF COMPANIES INSPECT THE ROOF AND THEY ALL CONCLUDED THAT THE ROOF NEEDED TO BE REPLACED. A lot of the shingles were missing because the shingles started to shatter after 6-7 years of hail damage.

During three weeks of processing, I experienced only lies and cheating. I had to back out of the house. Please stay away from this agent and the house she represents.

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