Unprofessional, dishonest, incompetant

by Rhonda Ware on April 29, 2011

Company Name:: Carpenter

I had a home listed for 12 months with Carpenter and it didn’t sell, despite her badgering me to reduce the price 26% off original asking (building) price over three reductions in 5 months. I wanted to change companies but the listing agent when behind my back (to an assigned commissioner) and asked for an extension. During the first 12 months, she had a faulty lock box on my door for about 3 months, asking me on two occasions to let the buyer’s agent in or leave the door unlocked. She didn’t do a broker’s open because “it was expensive” and she didn’t do a virtual tour. In her first five stolen months, I realized she was lying to me about what buyer’s agents were saying and a few other things. She still didn’t do a virtual tour (claiming she didn’t know how), she still wouldn’t have a broker’s open, and then I found out that her MLS listing said “HOUSE MUST BE SOLD. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED”….sounds a little like it’s about to be foreclosed on, but nope, not even close! No wonder I was getting offers that were going as low as 60% of the already reduced asking price – funny, she told me it was the bad market. When I kept telling her I didn’t want to lose 150,000 on my house, she told me, “it’s not my fault you can’t stay married and have a guy take care of you” (YES, hard to believe but yep, she said that)…but here’s the kicker…I built the house and my ex was going to owe me money for which he was threatening to file BK for…Finally she was able to “sell” in her last month of contract. I utilized my first right to buy, but, yep, you got it, she sent it over to the commissioner for a quick signature and I lost my house! I asked her what about my first right, she said, why did you wait til the last minute? Isn’t that what a first right is?, I asked….”NO” she said and then went on to say, “start looking for a new house because you. are. moving.”

I am beyond pissed….

This post was submitted by Rhonda Ware.

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