Unruly Building Management

by Unhappy tenant on February 22, 2012

I have been a tenant of 110 Broadway Avenue in Toronto for over 1 year. Although building managers Bill and Helen were initially welcoming to the building, time has revealed that VI Realty is reasonable to help you sign a lease, but completely unreasonable when it comes to dealing with building issues. Every time we have had inquiries about an issue with the building (e.g no water running), and have called to inquire, we have been met with nothing less than a rude and abrasive response. It is extremely concerning that building managers can be so incredibly disrespectful to concerned and polite tenants who have never presented as a problem in the building. I am disgusted with the lack of ethics shown by Bill of VI Realty and would highly recommend that anyone thinking of leasing an apartment at 110 Broadway Avenue think twice prior to doing so. I am frustrated to say the least that I feel forced into looking for a new place to live because of such disrespectful treatment. Management that has no problem accusing tenants of things they have not done, hanging up on tenants, yelling and using abrasive language, and upsetting one to the point of tears is beyond unacceptable. 110 Broadway Avenue in Toronto is not a place I would ever recommend to a lease-seeking responsible tenant.

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