Wosrs person you can hire

by Denis on September 6, 2011

Company Name:: Nunzio Salafia

Nunzio Salafia is probably the worst person you can hire to sell your home. He shows no interest in obtaining a fair price for buyers. My wife has gone though hell with this guy with the sale of her home. The first thing he does is try to get you to drop the price so low that you are basically giving it away. If he gets an offer, any offer even if it is very low he will try to convince you that it is a good offer. Is that representing your best interest, I think not. We basically sat through a sales pithch for the sellers interest by our own agent.
Some of the outragous things that he as said are, “your tankless hot water heater is not an investment”, Your house would be worth more if you had nicer furniture”. He tried to convince us that the market is much worse than it actually is. He showed us examples of houses that sold for less than asking. He did not show us the ones that sold for more. I did some reasearch and found that the market in our area is actuall quite stable. The number of houses being sold in our area above listing is about the same as being sold above. Anyone who has ever been is sales will recognize this sales tactic. In conclusion I would like to say Stay away from this guy. He does not work in your best interests. He does not keep you informed. He has broken the Realtors Code of Ethics.

This post was submitted by Denis.

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